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5.7 LS6 Engine for Sale

The LS6 is a GM engine in 5.7 liter displacement. Sale of this model first happened in 2001. A brand new third generation series of components were constructed during this time. Vehicles like the Z06 and Cadillac CTS held the V8 displacement nicely. It is possible to find a 5.7 LS6 engine for sale at a more than fair price point here at Powertrain Guys.

5.7 Small-Block Specs

The LS1 provided the very foundation that the LS6 was built around. Making things simpler to operate was the main goal for the engineers at General Motors. A higher than standard 10:5:1 compression ratio was added. This worked out well with the overhead pushrod design.

When it comes to peak performance, the V8 is something that always delivers. Even though the same 454 option was available in the 1970s, it was not until the inclusion of the MAF sensor and other advanced components that people took notice of how modern technology helps horsepower.

The complete LS6 block that is available to order on this website is either a 385 hp or a 405 hp model. Each unit has the regular aluminum block with the matching head. Fixing up a sports car with a relatively low mileage motor in used condition does make sense. There are substantial savings when dealerships are cut out of the mix.

Reliable Corvette Crate Motors

The Z06 was dropped from future development in the year 2004. This was not the end of the line for people who appreciate what the late model 5.7 offered. The CTS was promoted globally with the very same motor although a slight chance in the way that top speed was achieved was noticeable. Either way, someone can get a good deal on a used Corvette engine using PTG.

Trade secrets are not so much a secret anymore in the salvage industry. Companies that purchase products through auctions or from water damaged vehicles are building good inventories. Tests are the only way to prove that something retailed will be reliable for the entire duration of the warranty period. Any order that begins on this website includes a good condition product.

Buy Used LS6 Blocks Here

In a matter of seconds, you could be reviewing what might be the lowest price you have ever found for a used V8 motor. Since a larger number of dealers submit inventory to review, there is a chance that you could pay less than you think. Exact terms of sale and all details concerning the units on sale here are included with every price quote.

The number to call after the data is reviewed is displayed to all consumers. Help before and immediately after each processed order is always given out. The 5.7 liter LS6 acquired through a salvage yard found here at PowertrainGuys.com will drop right into your vehicle. You will never have to spend your valuable time dealing with non-reputable companies again.