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5.9 V8 Magnum Engine for Sale

The 5.9 360 CID Magnum is a 5.9 V8 engine by Chrysler. It was for sale in Dodge vehicles extensively. There are different versions of the block, but all were LA series derivatives. There is nothing quite like the performance in the 1975 to 1993 production at Chrysler. PowertrainGuys.com offers people on this website a discount on a 5.9 V8 engine for sale.

Dodge 5.9 Magnum Engine Build

The design is the regular OHV V8. The position of the block is a 90-degree angle. The casing is an all-iron construction. The performance that can be achieved at top speed is about 245 hp. Someone who changes the oil will have to add 5 quarts to fill it up. What is available here is a used 5.9 Dodge Magnum engine.

The PTP team has checked all of these units for common defects. Issues like air leaks in hoses, valve cover gasket problems and surface rust are all examined. When it is possible, the blocks are steam cleaned. This preserves cleanliness and protects surrounding components. No one is going to buy a dirty motor.

Compatible Magnum Motor Swaps

When speaking of the 5.9 V8 motor, you have to know which vehicles have it installed. Then you have to determine which ones can accept it. Chrysler did amazing things with its engineering. Most of the mounts for the motor are a similar size. This helps with the installation process. It is usually a one or two-man job to pull out a V8 and drop a new one under the hood.

The second hand units that are in our inventory can fit nicely inside of the following motor vehicles:

D Series

This is not considered a complete listing of compatibility. There are many additional vehicles that accept the 360 5.9L engines. If you are doing your own installation, it can help to verify all possible installations prior to starting one.

Prices for Replacement Dodge Engines

There is a discount that is given to people shopping at PTG. No other company is willing to go down in price as low as we are. There is some units found on Craigslist that have a low stock price. These however are usually so high in mileage that they are not worth buying. We do have a limit on the mileage count. We try not to go past it.

Securing a sale price is not difficult. Tap on our inventory computer. Enter what the system asks you to provide. There is no waiting after this is inputted. The very next thing that takes place is a quote in price is delivered. You can get this data by mobile phone or e-mail too. Calling our team will not disrupt the buying process.