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Rebuilt 5L40E Transmission Sale Price

GM started its 5L40E production in the late 1990s for its Pontiac and Cadillac vehicles. This transmission was controlled by solenoids through an electronic process. These were produced in Europe for inclusion in many luxury automobiles. Through the inventory here, anyone can buy a rebuilt 5L40E transmission without hassles online.

Specs of the 5L40 Gearboxes

No bands were installed in the 5-speed to make it operate. This was a step forward at GM compared to earlier assemblies. A cooler return line is found on these units to prevent overheating. Both four-cylinder and six-cylinder motors were designed for usage with the 5L40E. The improved 6L80E was the replacement in the mid 2000s.

3.42 was the first gear ratio. This was geared high to provide automobiles with overdrive better takeoff. While arrangements were made to fit BMW cars with the 5-speed, it was not the most popular installation. There were some problems reported by car owners which ultimately lead to a redesign of the entire unit.

Cars Using the 5L40E Transmission

The Pontiac and Saturn brands, before being discontinued, relied heavily on the 5-gear tranny. The success for use in Cadillac cars was thought to improve national sales of the subsidiary General Motors brands. The torque was commendable although not as good as the late model units in production in this decade.

Reasons to Swap These Gearboxes

There are people who spend time troubleshooting the 5L40E to help fix problems. While this worthwhile, there are known issues that can make it easier to define errors. The main reason that people seek a remanufactured 5L40E is because used assemblies are often unreliable.

The following problems are not found in reconditioned gearboxes:

1. Worn valve body
2. Defective TCC
3. Loss of gears
4. Slipping
5. Bad regulator bore
6. Faulty pump

People who do like to buy from auction websites can have more problems because of no warranty support. It is OK to make a purchase of a relatively low mileage gearbox. Making sure it is checked out and is validated to be free of errors is the best scenario.

Find Prices for GM Inventory Here

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