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5R55S Ford Transmission for Sale

SelectSift transmissions are 5R55S assemblies used in a number of Ford vehicles. To get the best price when swapping one, it takes a little searching around. One can find a local junk yard that offers units, but the mileage is often very high. To avoid these scenarios, picking up a used Ford 5R55S transmission at Powertrain Guys is possible online.

C3 Variant Gearboxes

The trusted C3 assembly was the most popular four-speed gearbox in the Ford Motor Company inventory for decades. As new computerized modules were constructed, focus was placed on developing five-speed units. Ford improved production of its V6 motors. This led to a pairing of the 5R44E units that laid the groundwork for the SelectShift models.

The Explorer, Mustang and Thunderbird have all benefited from the 5-gear transmission. While power is a focus for sports car owners, towing capacity for the sport utility vehicle lineup was also important to Ford. The torque converters are electronically controlled. This requires solenoid packs for operation. Unlike manual controlled parts, there is a higher cost of maintenance. Some people pay huge amounts of money at service centers. Most problems fixed are not due to fabrication.

5R55S Common Issues

The servo bore is one common error that mechanics find. Defects are unfortunately common with many gearboxes. A faulty solenoid or lubrication problem has been reported by some 5R55S transmission owners online. PTG inventory showcased on this page does not have such problems. Everything is checked out to make it better to buy used instead of rebuilt.

The warranty plans that are included for automobile owners purchasing inventory from this website are free of charge. These are not meant to replace the OEM coverage, but are really worthy to have for second hand parts. It is not a smart idea to buy anything preowned without a valid coverage policy.

Prices to Swap a 5R55S Assembly

The most reliable salvage yards in the United States that retail for components are in our supplier group. This group of professionals cannot be matched as far as price or quality of products. This not only boosts our company reputation, but provides a resource for the average person to buy parts at competitive prices

A quote in price will help someone estimate transmission replacement costs. Every quote comes from our computerized data center. This unbelievable way to explore national pricing for complete gearboxes is hard to compete with. While this data can be delivered from this page, some people do find it necessary to call by phone. We are here to help.