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Used 6.0 Vortec Engine for Sale

The 6.0 V8 is a GM engine known as a Vortec base. It was for sale mostly in bigger vehicles starting in 2005. Most models were marketed with flex fuel technology. The focus has since shifted away from the Generation Four applications to a different platform in the U.S. market. You can still find a used 6.0 Vortec engine for sale by reviewing the inventory on this website.

Specs for the 6.0 Liter

General Motors is constantly upgrading the way that blocks are constructed. The element of surprise sometimes catches consumers off their guard. Even though some cast iron is utilized to construct parts, a different polymer of aluminum now serves as the base for the Vortec 6000 platform and beyond.

There are multiple RPO codes to identify which version of the 8 cylinder someone wants to purchase. The base level was coined with an LS2 part number. As technology was improved upon, several other editions were manufactured. The L76 as well as the L96 were introduced before the termination of the Vortec series in 2016.

There are 364 cubic inches found in the Gen 4 blocks. Things like sensors and revised air flow systems have contributed to the sales growth at GM.

Vehicles Made for Vortec Motors

There are 10 of the top-selling automobiles in the American market that current hold or have once held a 6.0 liter V8 engine. Each of these is already well-known by consumers who depend upon performance of their vehicles on a daily basis. For someone just starting the research phase to order a second hand V8 motor, checking compatibility is a good thing.

The following listing of mass produced motor vehicles will easily accept the used Vortec engines that PTG represents on this page if the VIN numbers match up:


The dry weight is about 580 pounds for an average block. The crate and wrapping process usually adds to the final total. Some of the assemblies were built to be compatible with the 6L90 automatic 6 speed transmission. These details are good to know when shopping on the secondary parts market.

Price for Replacement V8 Engines

PowertrainGuys.com is part of a network of dealers that have agreed to publish pricing for any person who requests it. The dismantling agencies, junk yards and resellers that post this data are all independent. Using the resources offered here, sticker pricing is easily reviewed and researched. A sale is processed once a quote is prepared and a person agrees to place an order online or offline.

Support is always offered through regular hours of business. The telephone communication provided comes from a knowledgable associate. Checking on cost data, shipping charges and block mileage will ensure accuracy in the ordering procedure. Give PTG less than one minute of your time to help you find the complete motor you seek. Elements like warranty plans or delivery arrangements can be reviewed with every quotation.