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6.4 Powerstroke Engine for Sale

The 6.4 Ford diesel engine was used between 2008 and 2010 in the United States. As the updated model from the 6.0 series, the late model Powerstroke was able to pass most emissions standards in states that have higher standards of pollution control. The OHV build is similar to the classic 7.3. Someone who will buy a 6.4 Powerstroke engine for sale can do so cheaply on this page.

4-Valve Turbo 6.4 Engines

Similar to what Cummins builds for Dodge vehicles, the fuel delivery setup inside of the 6.4 motor includes a high pressure common rail system. This injection system benefits from the turbocharged technology. The micro droplets of fuel that are constantly pumped into the motor block keep the engine from stalling at lower speeds. The reliability of this block is what helped it to achieve public popularity until its production ended in the late 2000s.

There are two types of diesel engine buyers of Ford productions. The first type is a buyer who loves the classic Powerstroke build. Because these models were used in almost all heavy-duty trucks and vans, there is still a big demand for preowned models. The second type is a buyer who has recently been introduced to the Ford diesel lineup. This can include the 6.4 or the Scorpion builds that are now sold worldwide.

There are 390 cubic inches found inside of the block of the 6.4-liter Powerstroke. The compression is exactly the same as the 7.3 at 17:5:1. The pushrod manufacturing and pairing of 32 valves each contribute to the higher horsepower rating. The 350 hp that is achieved in new and used condition diesel 6.4 builds is what most buyers appreciate.

How to Evaluate a 6.4 Powerstroke

A complete block that is sold through this website is referred to as one that includes the EGR, oxidation system and untouched regeneration system. Not every preowned assembly that is retailed by a seller on the web will be so complete. Mileage should always be in the back of the mind of a motor buyer. Too many miles can be higher maintenance costs to keep a motor going strong.

There should be twin turbo units installed on an OEM 6.4. There are 650 pounds per foot of torque that should be available in a working block. Getting the most out of a used diesel motor purchase also means not paying too high of shipping costs.

Buy Used 6.4-Liter Powerstroke Engines

A prompt search of the warehouse here will reveal not only what is in stock, but what the price level of Ford diesel motors will be. The production year and the actual truck or van model will need to be supplied before reviewing a sale price. Since the prices are purposely kept low, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars when purchasing second hand instead of a rebuilt model.