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6L90 for Sale

GM built its 6L90 automatic transmission for use and sale in heavy-duty vehicles. It was manufactured for powerful motors of 452 horsepower or less. It is one of the late model variants of the new six-speed configurations built in the 21st century. PowertrainGuys.com has a 6L90 for sale at a fair price point for any consumer using this resource to find gearboxes.

Specs of the 6-Speed Assembly

General Motors requires the use of Dexron VI fluid to keep the gearing inside of the transmission from wearing out. The exterior case is made from a die cast aluminum. This not only removes excessive heat, but it provides strength and protection from rust. Like with all electronic assemblies, a series of solenoids are placed inside the housing.

The heart of the automatic 6L90 transmission is the variable bleed solenoid. This is part of main control of the unit. GM has installed this model with 4.8 liter, 6.0 liter and 6.2 liter vehicle motors. The configuration of the output gear set along with the planetary gears make up the internals of the gearbox.

The shift control is a new concept input into the assembly. All vehicle owners have the option of using this control to gain better access to the shifting patterns. The TCM module holds all of the programming that is required during operation of the 6-speed unit.

Vehicles Using 6L90 Transmissions

Usage inside of Cadillac vehicles began the lineage of the all-new production schedule at General Motors. The CTS motor vehicles were the first to market the revised automatic controlled units. A move was made to start installing the 6L90 in the Camaro, Express, Silverado, Savana and Sierra vehicles as well. The powerful V8 provides the perfect match up for overall performance.

Since so many vehicle types can accept a used 6L90 transmission, performing car owner repairs or mechanic installations is widely accepted. When someone needs to swap a gearbox due to a faulty part or a failure, removing the old assembly for a newer one makes sense. PTG has a full line of preowned and remanufactured inventory to select.

Buy OEM GM Gearboxes

The 6L series of products that are produced in the state of Ohio and in the country of Mexico are part of our marketed inventory. We put consumers in touch with our partners that service the entire North American market. What someone will buy is clearly stated as well as the mileage and condition. There are no surprises and a warranty is always part of the deal.

To get the lowest price, conduct a search in the computer database we administer here. The RPO code and other details will be cross referenced in under a minute. A quote is prepared and displayed for review. Once the price is deemed to be OK, someone can immediately call to place an order by telephone. Shipping costs or other fees will be discussed if they are applicable to an order.