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7.3 Powerstroke Engine Used

The 7.3 Powerstroke was first used in 1994 as one of the new V8 builds in Ford Motor Company inventory. A joint deal with Navistar provided the foundation that was needed to build a bigger OHV motor series. While diesel popularity was growing when the Powerstroke was built, this motor series has become legendary for its use in trucks and vans in the U.S. market. The 7.3 Powerstroke engine used inventory at this website is sale priced.

444 Cubic Inch 7.3 Turbo Motors

Ford did experiment with a small number of 7.3-liter displacement motors in the early 1990s. Before the turbo Powerstroke was built, several non-turbo models were tried out in some of the larger trucks produced at the time. In the OEM blocks, there is a 17:5:1 compression ratio. The first mass production of the Powerstroke as its own brand happened halfway between 1994 and 1995 in the U.S.

The rating of horsepower can be slightly different in every Ford diesel motor. The reason for this difference is because of the transmissions used. The Powerstroke 7.3 was fitted with more than one automatic or manual edition gearbox. The official rating can be anywhere between 210 to 250 for automatic enabled diesel trucks. A spike of up to 275 can be found in the manual transmission truck types.

The net weight of the Powerstroke diesel engine is approximately 920 pounds. This makes it one of the biggest and hardest to ship to consumers. The Powertrain Guys supplies the 7.3 turbo motors with an offer for free shipping for commercial clients. This can eliminate hundreds of dollars off of the regular retail price.

7.3 Versus 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel

During the year 2003, Ford officially retired the 7.3 and moved to the smaller and equally powerful 6.0. The main differences between each of the motor blocks is the fuel system and compression ratios. A separate PCM system was installed in the 6.0 edition and some people feel it was not as reliable. The same OHV design was kept for all of the pre-1994 and post-1994 Ford Powerstroke diesels in the American market.

Emissions have always been a concern of people who buy the Powerstroke in its 7.3 International Harvester editions. Before purchasing any used diesel motor, ensuring that state emissions laws do not restrict use is a good thing. California is just one of the parts of the country where the 7.3 no longer meets EPA requirements for public use.

Buy Used Powerstroke Ford Diesel Motors

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