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700R4 Transmission for Sale

GM used its 700R4 transmission for a decade in the U.S. starting in the year 1982. This edition was originally designed and named a the TH400. This RWD assembly was put behind nearly every top selling General Motors automobile built up until the early 1990s. Buying a used 700R4 transmission for sale is easy. Saving money during the purchase is the hard part for most car parts buyers.

How to Identify the 700R4 Transmission

The new code name for the 700R4 is the 4L60 or 4L60E. These were still being mass produced up until the mid 2000s. Apart from the shape of the housing and bolt pattern, a person can easily identify the 700 series gearboxes by knowing the spline gear count. The first models used 27 spline gears. After 1985, some versions had 28 and up to 32 spline gears.

Heat was an issue for some of the early builds although this was later fixed by General Motors. The 700R4 is offered in 2WD and 4WD editions. When choosing any used condition version, some retailers do not provide all of the data needed to make a wise decision. The RWD automatic gearboxes were used in most Corvette, Silverado, Yukon, Pontiac, Blazer, Oldsmobile and Buick vehicles through the early 2000s.

Rebuilt Versus Used 4L60 Transmissions

The delicate electronics that were installed in the late model 4L60E did not plague the older 700R4. The main issue that a person researching the second hand market will find with the 2WD or 4WD transmissions is leaking gaskets. The seals begin to crack and split over time. This always leads to leaking transmission fluid. While a gasket kit can be purchased, it is kind of a hassle to upgrade a preowned gearbox after purchase.

The Powertrain Guys helps retail automatic GM transmissions in hydraulic and electronic builds in used condition. These have been verified as being the best value for the money. The rebuilt versions that some companies retail on the Internet are usually twice the cost of a second hand version. People who hope to save money cannot go wrong with a used 700R4 for sale.

Order 700R4 Automatic Transmission Assemblies

There are phone orders and web orders that are accepted here. People who are short on time typically prefer the quotation system for transmissions on this page. It will take the make of a GM vehicle and the production year in order to arrange the right price. Each used assembly that is available is featured with a valid warranty plan.

Phone inquiries are a big part of the business conducted at Powertrain Guys. Calling the listed customer service number is a good way to obtain answers to important questions. Since shipping is usually free on replacement transmissions, this is an extra savings benefit for American consumers.