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8L90 Transmission for Sale

The 8-speed automatic 8L90 transmission is a new GM model. This still has traits of the turbo-hydramatic technology inside. It is officially referred to as the RPO M5U. It was built exclusively for use in vehicles that have a high gross weight. PowertrainGuys.com offers an 8L90 transmission for sale in multiple formats.

Specs of the 8L90

The step up from six gears to eight was big at General Motors. The expanded torque has not changed the fuel efficiency at all. One new feature known as adaptive shifting control sets this unit apart from early 6L series assemblies. Like all builds post 1990, a TCM is installed to handle communication with the on-board computer.

The torque converter clutch has a pack of solenoids in the die cast aluminum assembly. It is expected to help the performance in all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive automobiles.

DIY Swap and Compatibility

Pulling a gearbox and dropping in another one can be completed DIY. There are successful swaps conducted throughout the USA. Before someone tries to purchase inventory, knowing what is and what is not compatible can be definitely help.

The following vehicles use the 8L90 GM transmission:

– Silverado
– Corvette
– Escalade
– Yukon
– Sierra

Since something on this page is shipped entirely dry, a person will need to add about 10.5L of fluid. This will fill up the pan and prepare it for correct operation. A selectable tow mode is now standard on the gearboxes used in the Chevrolet Silverado.

The 8L90 Gearbox: What to Know

The bell housing is the standard General Motors format. With its introduction in 2014, many people are just becoming acquainted with the 8-speed units. Gear 1 is 4.56 while gear 8 is only 0.65. These ratios are set from the factory and are programmed in the transmission control module.

PTG retails used and rebuilt 6L90 gearboxes. This is to serve both sides of the fence with consumers. Not every has the cash to buy a remanufactured tranny. The used units still take Dexron fluid. Our company has just started to stick this newer unit.

Buy 8L90 Transmissions Here

We take everything we build and sell right from junk yards in the United States. This supplies us with a good start. The rebuilds take a long time to do the right way. When we are not constructing something new, we are crating the preowned models for shipment to consumers.

Sales can take place on this page. Go through the quote system and look at the price first. If you are satisfied, the next phase is to let our team know you want to order. This can happen on this website or through a phone conversation.