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A340F Transmission for Sale

The A340F is an automatic transmission by Toyota for sale in 4×4 vehicles. It was produced for the parts market in the year 1985. The units has four gears with the fourth used as an overdrive. A person who finds a second hand version will need to use ATF type T-IV fluid. Buy an A340F transmission for sale right from PTG here.

Specs of the A340F Gearbox

There are shift solenoids that were installed in all base models. This is including the separate controls for the torque converter. The 4WD vehicles that were designed to use this popular four-gear assembly were varied. The famous A transmission serves as the basis on construction for the A340F series.

Four clutches exist in the internal components of the assembly. Planetary gears and a throttle cable are additional components one will find inside of the interior. In all, this gearbox is a dependable assembly. Obtaining one that still has low mileage is preferred.

A Series Transmission Compatibility

The trucks and SUVs that Toyota produced all had different motors inside. The 2.4 is one common displacement. This assembly was built to function with the shift package found inside of the used A340F units that we sell here.

If you own one of the following vehicles, you can install the unit without problems:


Electronic controls are nothing new when it comes to building gearboxes. GM, Ford and Audi are other top automakers that rely on clutch packs and shift solenoids. When it comes to maintenance, you have to be sure that these components are functioning correctly.

Parts Warranty Process

Nothing leaves our warehouse that we do not inspect. The factory components are protected under a warranty plan. Consumers do appreciate this extra detail. In some cases, shipments that are routed to a business or other commercial entity are free of charge. We try to pass along the price savings any time that we can.

Buy Used Toyota Transmissions

What we sell here is preowned. This can also be referred to as certified used. PowertrainGuys.com acquires what you will find from a reputable salvage yard. A breakdown of the components is made and monitored for accuracy. Nothing is distributed when removed off of the original motor vehicle.

A price distribution center was built on this page in 2013. Consumers who ask for pricing are now directed to the computer at the top of every page. The data that someone should supply does include motor size and year that a vehicle was made. A precise tabulation of the MSRP plus the discount is made. A phone call is required to process the order for the units that we are ready to ship out.