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A518 Transmission for Sale

The A518 automatic transmission was marketed by Chrysler starting the 1988 year in the U.S. This build was still available as a hydraulic and an electronic version by the mid 1990s. The most common vehicle to find the vintage 4-speed builds is inside most Dodge vans and trucks. Using this powertrain website, a person can buy an A518 transmission for sale at close to a wholesale price.

Gearing for the A518 Now 46RH Assembly

Chrysler now refers to the early A518 as the 46RH and the 46RE. A change to the process of naming gearboxes in 1992 was the reason for the numerical change. Someone who will purchase a used condition replacement should be able to verify the gearing. When a Dodge built has not been modified, there is a specific ratio of gears that should be present.

The gearing should be 2.45, 1.45, 1.00, 0.69 and 2.35 for the reverse gear. The 1500 through 3500 series Ram trucks have each used the A518 or one of the newly named assemblies. Several Jeep vehicles, Durango, Dakota and Ram vans pair up the automatic 4-speed with V6 and V8 engines. The 4th gear is usually rated as the overdrive gear in most A518 or later assemblies.

The TorqueFlite name is still found on the classic and newer builds in the 4-speed Chrysler family of gearboxes. Buying a unit that is a second hand version can give the same performance as a dealership replacement. This quality is achieved by obtaining a build that already has a lesser number of miles on the housing.

Replacement Dodge A518 Transmissions

The warranty program that is provided along with each gearbox retailed on this website is a multi-year plan. This is a much better option than purchasing a build from a third party that does not even include a torque converter. The hydraulic or electronic solenoid controlled A518 gearboxes on sale at this website are guaranteed to install without issues.

A 2WD version is the most common build of the A518. These can be modified to fit a diesel powered motor regardless of the 46RH or 46RE option code. Some people do install a shift kit or try to upgrade the solenoid packs with aftermarket parts. While this is possible, buying OEM even in used condition offers a good value.

Buy Used Chrysler A518 Transmissions

Obtaining a comfortable price that people are happy with is possible here. The standard and heavy-duty Chrysler transmission inventory in stock can be purchased or even quoted in a couple of mouse clicks here. The integrated database provides current stock levels as well as what the sale price is for a buyer in any part of the United States.