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Acura RDX Turbo SHawd 2.3L-K23A1 Engines for Sale

One of the spicier, upper end Suv crossover vehicles is the Acura RDX Turbo SHawd. The RDX is the premium level SUV, taking over from the entry level MDX crossover by Acura, It’s awesome performance is a result of expert German engineering and superior parts. The only engine offered in this mid sized 5 door SUV is a 2.3L Turbocharged inline 4 cylinder engine, coded K23A1.

Honda chose to use the K23A1 engine because it is the perfect amount of power, allowing excellent fuel economy and exciting performance. It is very popular with families that need a classy, sizable fun to drive vehicle for all sorts of uses. from everyday errands to taking a family vacation.

Reports indicate this is a reliable engine, most of the failures experienced by owners of cars with this engine have an problem that is out of the drivers control causing the failure. The most common problem that causes engine failures is a bad engine overheating problem. A remanufactured engine is the most viable choice for a car of this magnitude.

Studies show remanufactured Acura RDX Turbo SHawd 2.3L-K23A1 Engines for Sale are the most popular replacement engine choice. We have the exact replacement engine for your Acura RDX at an affordable price. Call now.

A few engine facts and specs: The K23A1 engine uses an aluminum block and aluminum i-VTEC head, and dual counter balance shafts for extraordinary smoothness. It was also the only four-cylinder powered luxury SUV at the time.

Honda eliminated annoying turbo lag with it’s unique variable flow turbocharger by using a special flow valve, increasing velocity at the turbo opening.

The engine also features a top-mounted turbo inter-cooler which has air delivered directly from the grille, through ducting under the hood. The Acura RDX engine has 240 horsepower at 6000 rpm with a max torque 260 ft·lb at 4500 rpm. Estimated fuel mileage is 19 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. Economy and performance in one.

Owners of such well made vehicles have proven over and over that our remanufactured engines are affordable and outperform the original engine. Results such as this come from using the finest materials, newest updates and superior technicians.

Don’t compromise your standards to save what may be hardly any money on a lesser remanufactured engine. Our representatives are ready to speak with you and help you understand more about choosing a replacement engine.