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Used Acura TSX 2.4L Engine for Sale

The TSX is a luxury vehicle with a 2.4L motor inside. Honda started manufacturing this executive automobile in the 2004 year. Like most FF layout editions, the IVTEC engines were utilized. Someone shopping on the web for a used Acura TSX 2.4L engine for sale can find inventory here affordably priced.

K24A2 Used Engines by Honda

As a touring sports car, the TSX was much different from the Civic and Accord. The vehicle is compact although has a powerful four-cylinder block. The K24A2 engine is the most common to find in USA produced motor vehicles.

The max horsepower is 205. This is part of the official Honda Motor Company specs. Because of the improved air induction system, the TSX is able to reach 7100 RPM. There are 143 cubic inches in the entire motor. The 10:5:1 compression is pretty big for this experimental touring car.

People will find the 2.4-liter I4 in the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 cars. The blocks were setup to work with the 5-speed automatic gearbox as well as the 6-speed manual versions. In the year 2009, a switch was made to the K2473 I4 engine.

Why People Swap TSX Motors

Mileage can be one factor. Another factor could be age. Some people think that a block only has five to seven good years on it before problems start to happen. Some people let their warranties expire and search for a better motor. Regardless of the reason, car owners to change out 2.4L TSX engines quite often.

Part of what people get when ordering through PowertrainGuys.com is a good warranty package. These are underwritten to ensure no issues happen within a certain period of time. It is our belief that this is a much better model. Dealerships can super high prices and have much shorter coverage terms than we do.

Lowest Block Prices for Acura 2.4L

There are three types of auto parts buyers in North America. The first type is the one that will pay the full MSRP without knowing it. The second type is the one that goes for the cheapest price without doing research. The third type is one that does research and asks questions prior to placing a direct order.

We help out all three classifications at PTG. Using our unique Internet search portal, all in stock units of used Honda engines are displayed with price details. Apart from knowing the warranty terms, people do ask for shipping quotes too. All of this is supplied.

A call by phone to our staff can help someone checkout at a faster pace too. The Acura junk yards in our network are top notch for providing good inventory.