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Aisin AF33 Transmission for Sale

The 5-speed AF33 is an Aisin transmission. These originate from Japan although are used by GM, Volvo and other automakers. The gearing is meant to withstand the average time frame for oil changes. The parts are considered unique and superior to units built in previous decades. PowertrainGuys.com retails Aisin AF33 transmission for sale units on this page.

FWD and AWD Compatible

For smaller automobiles, the front-wheel drive capacity of the AF33 is just right. It is similar to modules built in other decades that are setup out of the box with sedan and minivan vehicles. GM and other companies have had the Aisin gearboxes modified to work with AWD. This is to ensure compatibilyiy with a number of vehicles manufactured globally.

PTG supplies inventory for these vehicles:

– Equinox
– Torrent
– Ion
– Quest
– Altima
– Volvo

Since we deal in a number of different formats, we have something for every buyer. The rebuilt AF33 gearboxes are always top notch. Parts that have degraded are replaced with brand new modules. This puts the 5-speed right there with a dealer model.

AF33: No Lockup Converters

With its superior electronic controls, some people are shocked to find that no lockup converter is installed OEM. A clutch system has replaced this type of technology. A solenoid still handles the pulses for opening and closing when brakes are enforced. This can lead to a burned up unit if someone is not careful.

Oil pressure regulators can fail on any brand of gearbox. A problem with a sudden drop in pressure might be a pump or other component. PTG rebuilds the Aisin AF33 to remove the threat of a drop in oil pressure. All gaskets and seals go through our normal examination process.

AF33 Aisin Warranty Plan

What is on sale here carries our full warranty. The remanufactured and preowned variants carry a similar plan of protection. There is nothing that a consumer needs to do to activate the coverage. The sale is immediately processed. Paying over the long term to have extra coverage does not make sense. We do it without costs passed to the public.

Prices for OEM AF33 Gearboxes

Powertrain Guys relies on its own proprietary system for price research. Not only are we keeping track of competitors, but we know how much people will pay. Adjustments are processed in our computer system to always reflect the current costs of our inventory. Getting quotes is not hard. They happen on this page or by calling into our parts department. Lookup your price now.