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AX4S Transmission by Ford Used

The AX4S is an overdrive transmission by Ford used from 1993 to 2000. It used to be called the AXODE. The new name did not deter from the reputation that this assembly had built previously. The Lincoln and Mercury subsidiaries also promoted the AX4S transmission by Ford used worldwide. On this PTG website, these units are priced for affordable sale.

A torque converter clutch has been the standard in automotive gearboxes for decades. Ford Motor Company improved its shifting action on the AX4S. Some people identify this unit as the best Taurus transmission ever made. There is little bias when it comes to the quality of construction in late model electronic controlled units.

Vehicles Compatible with AX4S

The Windstar minivan, Lincoln Continental and Mercury Sable were additional automobiles that were using the overdrive 4-speed. There were a few issues mostly reported by shop owners working on the overdrive assemblies. Things like leaking fluid, problems with downshifting and bad seals did happen. Ford later addressed these problems.

The build quality of the AX4S automatic transmission is pretty solid. The assembly is made from a cast aluminum housing. This provides the strength and durability needed for a long life cycle. Consumers who find used versions are often impressed how clean the units really are.

Warranties for Ford Transmissions

Powertrain Guys has never stopped providing warranty plans for its customers. The term of coverage just keeps getting longer. While there is no standard for parts inspections, it does help to conduct a good visual inspection when acquiring any preowned assembly. The improvement in condition and extended useful life is what makes the public happy.

The full selling price for all inventory on this website already includes warranty costs. Depending on the shipment and delivery, the freight charges could be eliminated. This really reduces the cost to own an AX4S used transmission. It makes it more affordable than buying from Kijiji, eBay or another untrusted source.

Buy Used Automatic Transmission Assemblies

No overhaul of the OEM parts has been performed. A general cleaning is included though. What is on sale comes directly from a reliable vehicle. The builds are taken right from junk yards that retail four-speed gearboxes. Getting a low price does not mean selling out for a high mileage model. Check the current prices in the public computer terminal here. An order can then be placed online or offline through our service department.