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Buick LeSabre 3.8 Engine

LeSabre vehicles from Buick used the 3.8L engine for the first time in the early 1970s. The hefty 231 V6 block was big and powerful enough to be the go-to model at the General Motors company. As engine development changed in the 1980s, a smaller version of the 3.8-liter motors was produced. Someone can use this Powertrain Guys website to buy a used Buick LeSabre 3.8 engine cheaply.

LD5 is a common block that was used after the 1978 production year for many Buick vehicles. The Skylark, Century, Skyhawk and LeSabre were installed with the 231 variant. This production period lasted until the 1985 year when the two-door coupe and sedan body styles were introduced at General Motors. This called for a change in the 3.8 block.

FWD 3.8-Liter V6 Buick Engine

When GM abandoned the RWD V6 car manufacturing, the smaller motors required a new FWD mounted system. The better fuel systems were easier to install although a slight decrease in horsepower was noticed by car buyers. The LG2 block did supply 140 hp as a base level speed. The LG3 that was designed around the same time had a reduced horsepower limit to 125 for the base LeSabre cars.

LN3 motors were built for the first time in the year 1988. These blocks were designed to accept the MPFI systems that were in place. The series II 3800 series in a third type of Buick motor that can be purchased as a preowned build. Until the 1991 production year, GM exclusively used the 3800 V6 inside of the Buick LeSabre as a naturally aspirated motor upgrade.

Certified LeSabre 3800 Blocks

What is a certified replacement engine? For a person who has never purchased a motor in the past, a certified build is the highest quality. Although Buick brands of vehicles are built for top performance, not every motor block will survive abuse by previous owners. Getting a block certified means that someone has taken the steps needed to overview the exterior, actual mileage and has road tested the block.

Not every seller of 3.8-liter engines includes a certified model. The Powertrain Guys company is one of the only secondary market retailers with a web presence selling certified blocks. The entire Buick 3800 engine inventory that is listed for consumers to purchase on this website is in top level condition. These units are shipped out with a respected term of OEM parts coverage.

Buying 3.8L Buick LeSabre Engines Used

It starts with the desire to save money that causes many buyers to search the preowned engines market. The best news that a person can hear when conducting motor research is that a retail price will be discounted. The Powertrain Guys company supplies use of the warehouse locator tool on this page. This makes it possible to review each and every used V6 motor that is available to ship nationally.