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Buy Kia Forte Koup Engines

The Forte is manufactured by Kia and is a compact car available in two door, four and five door variants. Sharing the same chassis as the Hyundai Elantra, the main difference is in the rear suspension, making use of a torsion bar rear suspension instead of the Elantra’s multilink design.

Having 5 different Forte models and 5 different engines to choose from, one being the Atkinson cycle hybrid engine. All of them are inline four cylinder engines form the Gamma engine family, or the Theta engine Family. With the turbo diesel engine part of the CRDi VGT family.

And don’t forget, you can only buy Kia Forte Koup Engines that fit front wheel drive cars.

The Kia Forte LPi hybrid combines a 114hp, 1.6-liter Liquid Propane Gas fueled engine to a 15kW [20hp] electric motor and lithium-polymer battery pack. The Forte hybrid is the first production car in the world to use the advanced Li-poly battery tech. Fact.

As far as hybrid systems go, it’s very mild mannered. Still, with the engine working together with the electric motor, fuel economy rises to an impressive 40 plus mpg.

The 2.0-liter Theta II turbocharged engine produces a whopping 290 horsepower using a GDI [Gasoline Direct Injection] twin turbocharger for the same as, or more power and efficiency than a larger heavier engine. Using a high pressure direct cylinder fuel injection system.

The Forte is not the only car which uses these engines, so the engines have been on the market long enough to prove they are solid and reliable. Most engine failures are simply the result of a worn out engine. On such a new car, an engine failure may have been a factory defect, or something out of the drivers control, like a bad overheating problem. Or a massive oil leak.

Regardless, if have a need for such a new car engine, a quick call to someone who understands how to help you choose the engine that suits your needs best will produce the best results.

Allow us to provide the right amount of information for you to make a wise decision. Our representatives are intelligent and easy to talk to, see what really good customer service is all about. Call right now.