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Cadillac Eldorado Engines for Sale

Eldorado cars from Cadillac mostly use V8 engines. During the ninth Generation, V6 models were popular. What most people associate with luxury is the Northstar motor block. For a period of two decades, GM made hundreds of thousands of Cadillac Eldorado engines. This very units are what can be ordered in remanufactured condition on this website.

Most Popular Blocks Available

The smallest build in the Cadillac family was the 1980s 4.1-liter. This was quickly replaced before the 1985 year with the 4.5-liter V8. Performance is one thing that General Motors did not exclude in its vehicle department. While Ward’s Best Engines List awards were common, people were pretty satisfied with what blocks where available.

The following rebuilt motors can be ordered here:

1. 4.1L V6
2. 4.5L V8
3. 5.7L V8
4. 6.0L V8
5. 4.9L V8
6. 4.6L V8

The specs for every unit is different. This is because horsepower changes were made with every passing year. Each change to the displacement resulted in increases in power. The Northstar is a respected build that is for sale here online. 10 generations of production are out there for GM car owners.

Compression Tested Motors

The V6 or V8 models that are in stock are equally tested. Our team of rebuilders works quickly to verify if issues exist. When something is noted as perfect, it goes into our warehouse. Knowledge of recent manufacturing changes at GM is always in place. A full compression test is scheduled to make sure seals and gaskets do not leak.

Along with tests by an expert, all components are warranted. The time length for coverage is based around mileage as well as age. We do our best to give the longest running warranties. The refurbished Cadillac car engines distributed here are delivered quickly. We dispatch freight companies to handle all domestic deliveries.

Prices for Rebuilt Cadillac Engines

The Eldorado and other trim versions are supported here. Sale prices are just as important as scheduled delivery days. We utilize the most complete database of inventory around. Several daily updates are processed. This keeps customers very happy. Sale pricing is found using our quotation tool.

Car owners who need extra help can make a call to us. Our staff is available by phone. It only takes a couple of minutes to quotes. All rates that are given are locked in and guaranteed. Comparing between companies that offer rebuilt GM auto engines has never been easier.