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Cadillac Escalade 6.2 Engine for Sale

The 6.2 is a V8 engine marketed for sale Escalade SUV vehicles by Cadillac. The first installation of this series was the 2007. GM was working on its new class of motors that included a larger displacement and tremendous power improvement. The use of the LS series variants continues to this day with all late models offering the latest version. A Cadillac Escalade 6.2 engine for sale is what can be found shopping here.

Specs for Escalade Motors

The L92 was the first type that was featured for the luxury class of vehicles. This type kept its small-block roots. The official name was coined by GM as Vortec 6200. The technology utilized on this version is not the same as the current EcoTech3 type. There are 379 cubic inches for the first generation 6.2 liter Escalade engines.

Modifying the fuel delivery and type of fuel utilized did cause the need to change the RPO code for the V8. The L9H was introduced as the E85 compatible motor during the 2009 model year. Future installations did include the L94 as an alternative through most Cadillac dealerships in the USA.

Buying 6.2 Motors: What to Know

Before someone spends hard-earned cash on a used 6.2 by GM, it does help to understand what the preowned business is all about. A mechanic might make it sound really easy to swap out a V8 motor, but the truth is that it is quite a job. Hand-picking a supplier has a lot to do with reputation of parts quality than the selling price.

Mileage is the number one thing that a person must know about before ordering. Never purchase a used Vortec 6.2 block without validating the mileage count. It is too easy to fake the reading on the odometer. It is very possible that a salvage build can have several hundred thousand miles on it regardless of the way that it looks.

Powertrain Guys does eliminate a lot of roadblocks for vehicle owners. By investigating what suppliers offer to us, there is no speculation that somethings works well. A test to be sure that no air or oil is leaking is usually conducted. There is a measurement for surface rust, critical tests for applied OEM parts and other tasks that are performed.

Escalade Engine Quotes

Being very open and honest with the public takes courage. Dealers in the used parts market are often too concerned with profits over total satisfaction of buyers. PTG takes support to higher levels by making sure that a warranty is one element included. Questions about anything in stock are always answered professionally.

Get a quote right here on this website for any used Cadillac 6.2 engine. The model year, transmission type and shipping destinations are pieces of data that expedite the calculation of each quote. A fast call offline by telephone will allow someone to order or to get a prepared quote that is always accurate.