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Camaro M10 Transmission Used for Sale

The SS Camaro has used the M10 transmission since the year 2010 in the United States auto market. As a derivative of the T-56 series, this 6-speed gearbox has been a favorite of owners of sports cars. Depending on the manufacturer, the fluid that is required to lubricate the unit can be different. It is easy to buy a Camaro M10 transmission while using this Powertrain Guys website.

RPO M10 Transmission Specs

There are 600 pounds of foot torque that is provided in the TR-6060 assembly. The case is built from aluminum to make it stronger and to remove excess heat. Because the unit is a manual build, it does require the use of a clutch system. The housing for this system is well made and is durable for consumer use.

Ford, General Motors and Chrysler (Dodge) have each applied the Tremtec 6-speed transmission to a variety of motor vehicles. In the case of the Super Sport Camaro, the gear ratio was modified slightly. A gear ratio of 3.01, 2.07, 1.43, 1.00, 0.84 and a reverse gear are offered as stock through GM applications.

The official rating for torque is no more than 420 when paired with a V8 or higher motor block. The front installation mounted TR-6060 is regarded as a very reliable edition. For a person who is researching how to swap the Tremtec gearbox, it is necessary to have a body mounted shifter pre-installed.

Cars Using the M10 Transmission

In the USA market, there are several vehicles apart from those at GM that are sold with an installed 6-speed assembly. The ZL1, Corvette, G8, ATS-V and SS are additional models that come with a factory installation of the M10. The Viper, Challenger and Shelby Mustang are rival automobiles that share the Tremtec technology.

Buy a TR6060 for Sale Online

PowertrainGuys.com lists only the most accurate inventory from the largest second hand acquisition agents nationally. This includes hundreds of automobile salvage yards and independent dismantlers. While everything promoted here is in used condition, nothing is sold at the retail level without a warranty for parts. The springs, couplers, sensors and other modules that are covered in the warranty plans are explained at order checkout.

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Customer service specialists are always available to take calls if the web research and ordering center here are not working as intended.