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Cavalier 2.2 Ecotec Engine for Sale

Chevy used the 2.2 engine called the Ecotec inside of its Cavalier cars. This is not the same block as the 2200. The first year of production featuring the revised motor was the year 2002. Changes were made across the board to build a better sedan vehicle. The last year that the I4 was installed happened to be 2005. Powertrain Guys will get you a Cavalier 2.2 Ecotec engine for sale for a really low price.

Cavalier L61 Motor

GM had a pretty common manufacturing routine to build Cavalier motors in the U.S. The aluminum block and head combination where an advantage. This got rid of too much heat under the hood to avoid melting nearly components.

You can identify which block was found in the Chevrolet compact cars by knowing the RPO number. In the case of the 2.2 liter, it was the L61. Success was already growing for this series. The horsepower is 140. The cubic inch displacement is set at 134.

Reliability of the Ecotec 2.2

Names like Ecotec and Vortec are synonymous with Chevy. The global recognition of these brands is undeniable. The four-cylinder is one of the most successful variants found in 20th century auto company inventories. This reliability extends right to the 2.2 Ecotec inside the Cavalier.

The PowertrainGuys.com inventory only offers checked out builds. What someone should know is that these are second hand. We derive each SKU from a junk yard. We are not afraid to retail scrap components for automobiles. We do a good job of eliminating what we do not want. Consumers do not get factory seconds here.

Some cars never had a good motor. This is not the case with Chevrolet editions. Checking for leaks in gaskets and valves is a grueling process. Our team completes this type of stuff before a crate is prepared and a unit is shipped across the U.S.

Buy a Used Cavalier Engine

If you need the 2.2 liter, you can go ahead and submit your request to view a quote. Everything happens automatically. This part of the price preparation routine is automated. You have to choose the correct year and maybe even the speed of the transmissions to get started. All calculations are performed in real time.

The factory warranty does provide you with protection. There is usually no sticker price attached to these plans. It is just part of our selling arrangement. The retailers and service centers that represent a group of people buying our products never have to file a claim. Customers make direct contact with our staff by calling our number. It doing this that will produce a quote or complete an order.