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CD4E Transmission for Sale

The CD4E is a Ford transmission that went on sale in 1994. It can still be bought in used condition through Powertrain Guys. Mazda and Mercury also installed this four-speed gearbox in a number of automobiles. The production ended in the year 2007 in favor of newer technologies. Some who prefers the classic car parts will likely try to find the E-Series units. The replacement CD4E transmission for sale inventory here is always ready to ship.

FWD CD4E Gearbox Specs

Built for front-wheel drive automobiles, the CD4E enjoyed a long life. The legacy of the four-speed builds used by Ford is not wrapped up in just the electronic controlled assemblies. The standard gear ratio is one of the highlights of using this edition. Cars such as the Probe, Contour, Escape and Cougar each shared the 4-gear product.

Problems like low oil pressure were reported initially in service bulletins. This is one thing that might have led to overheating in some editions. When purchasing from the preowned market, consumers need to be aware of what is out there being sold.

CD4E With Shift Sensors

What people find here is an OEM product. These are built by Ford and were pulled from automobiles. By way of a junk yard, PTG has obtained inventory to retail. The factory shift sensors are included. So is the torque converter. The full housing and solenoids are unmodified. These can be called drop in ready because no work is necessary to get them running.

A quality check is one activity performed on what is found here. What this means is that seals are validated. No leakage or rust is preventing operation. This is good to know. What is normally sold through an auction company is something that is far from perfect. Too high of mileage can actually push a consumer away.

Buy Used CD4E Transmissions

You can experience shutter or stalling with a defective gearbox. The reliable option is to just replace it. Purchasing a preowned four-speed from this website is cost-effective. Only the cheapest suppliers are in our network to keep the cost low. This allows the inclusion of a discount. Not too many companies will shave some dollars off the MSRP. We do.

A call can be placed to our specialists. Let them know what you are looking for. The engine size, make and automaker name should be supplied. This starts the quotes procedure. There is no obligation for making a purchase. When it comes to handling freight, the top companies are selected. We know first hand that a lift gate is a smart thing to have. Not all people have a loading dock to receive deliveries. A lot can be learned with decades in the parts business. Let us help you.