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Chevy 2.8L Engine Used

2.8L engines were used inside of Chevy cars from 1980 to 1988 in North America. As one of the earliest 60-degree designs, the V6 performance found Chevrolet automobiles was virtually unmatched. As a way to reduce costs without raising automobile pricing, GM cut the production of its first edition V6 builds in favor of the 3.1L. A person can shop the Chevy 2.8L engine used inventory right on this page.

There are several RPO codes that were used by General Motors to define the 2.8-liter editions. The Generation I codes known as LE2 and LH7 were the first entrants into the transverse family of motor blocks. It was not until the production of the Generation II builds that GM improved its horsepower levels across the board. The Citation and X11 editions were known to have showcased the 2.8-liter engines.

L44 V6 Chevy Engine Blocks

Fuel technology was being updated faster than engineering facilities could produce vehicles in the mid 1980s. Chevrolet vehicles were maxed out at the time with a redline limit of 3600 RPMs. The 140 horsepower of the L44 series meant that GM was back in business as a high-performance motor builder.

In late 1988, the 60-degree builds were changed once again to mark the final period of production for the 2.8 series. The Beretta, Cavalier, Corsica and Celebrity all sported the upgraded MFPI fuel system. While the build was left mostly unchanged, aluminum heads were included in the final design. This did improve the high RPM performance.

LB6 RPO Code V6 Engine

The 130 horsepower LB6 block was among the final versions produced for a Chevrolet vehicle. It is slightly more difficult to locate the older V6 models built before the 1994 year. The used industry is one that provides a valid source of inventory for any car owner or auto body shop mechanic. The entire Chevrolet series of vehicles were supported at one time by the lonely 2.8 V6 LB6 and L44 editions.

The rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive auto engines that are on sale at this Powertrain Guys website are actual GM builds. These have not been adjusted or modified with extra parts. What a person expects to find will be found under close examination of the block. All units do come complete with factory installed components.

Buy Used 2.8L Chevy Engines

There is a helpful tool that is positioned atop all pages on this web portal. This represents exactly what is offered for public sale. A person who is unable to use this tool can always call the listed phone number for immediate service. With each accurate quote in price, a well-written Chevy engine warranty is viewable for people who will arrange at PTG shipment.