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Chevy 4.3 Crate Engines for Sale

Chevy makes some great crate engines. These engines are easy to install and are just like buying one from a Chevy dealer without the super high cost. The 4.3 is a versatile engine that can be used for a truck, Blazer or van. On this website, you will find Chevy 4.3 crate engines for sale at the discounted prices that you have searched for in Google. We buy a lot of GM performance engines and the 4.3-liter is one of our biggest sellers. These are truly great engines that offer an easy engine swap or last minute replacement for your Chevrolet vehicle. We sell these engines around the world and our customers continuously come back for more.

Let’s get this straight from the beginning. We don’t sell on eBay. We are not interested in auction selling. We don’t sell dirty or defective engines. We are a professional company with a staff of employees, a toll free number and huge warehouse that ships thousands of engines each year. It’s important to establish that now so no one is disappointed later. Most of our customers own and operate automotive businesses or salvage yards and buy our engines for a great price. We still sell to regular people too and you don’t need a special permit or license just to get access to our pricing. We’re easy sellers, honest and ready to do what it takes to keep our reputation solid for selling engines.

Dyno Tested Chevy 4.3 Crate Engines for Sale

Who can’t order a GM performance engine from GM? We know any dealer can do it. What instantly separates our company from most is that we have a dynamometer that does not lie. Every 4300 Vortec engine that comes into our warehouse from a distributor is still tested. We know the engines are new but testing is essential. We would never know if a hose has come loose or a crack is in a gasket or seal without testing. Engines fool even the most seasoned mechanics. We put our dyno testing equipment to good use on a daily basis here.

Engines that pass each and every one of our tests are moved into our warehouse for storage. They don’t stay long here because we have so many customers placing orders. Every order that comes into our sales staff is sent to our shipping department. This is where engine safety is important. The engines are crated and moved correctly into tractor-trailers that will deliver Chevy engines around the world. This is our entire business and what we do everyday. Getting your Chevy crate engine is easier than you might have thought when you deal with specialists. You won’t be sorry you learned of our company.

Chevy 4.3 Crate Engines for Sale Pricing 

We know that you came here in hopes of saving yourself some money. Not only do you save money here, you can get your price in two completely different ways. The first is by using our 4.3L Chevy quote form on this website. It displays your low price when you click on the submit button. You can also call and speak with us over the phone. The same low price and service is offered.