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Chevy Aveo Transmission for Sale

The Aveo from Chevy used four different transmission types when on sale in the U.S. Starting in the year 2011, this compact car made its debut to welcomed reviews by consumers. It was formerly known under the Daewoo brand until GM purchased the right to manufacture it. Powertrain Guys has a used Chevy Aveo transmission for sale that car owners can afford.

Aveo Gearbox Types Used

Consumers had a choice of a five-speed or a six-speed transmission when they ordered an Aveo car. The five-speed was a manual option while the six-speed was the automatic. Electronics are a part of what is inside of the gearboxes built or licensed by General Motors.

A person who needs to change out the assembly in a vehicle needs to know which one will fit. Just calling a scrap yard and asking is probably not the best idea. Most companies are not staffed to provided basic assistance and just focus on order processing.

If you order here at PTG, you will find compatible Aveo transmission in stock in the following types:

6T30 automatic
6T40 automatic
F17 manual
M32 manual

The trim style might determine which model will fit into your vehicle if you do not have your VIN number. The LS, 1LS, LZ, LT and RS are the most popular types of vehicles. If you do not have your service manual, our team can help you to decide the assembly that you require.

Warranty Plan for Products

We support hundreds of various transmission types that are built by automakers all around the world. Keeping things straight is not always easy. We built a database that handles consumer requests for pricing and vehicle data information. Along with every order that we generate, we provide a basic written warranty policy.

Most of the components that come factory installed receive generous protection. While we are not able to cover 100 percent of the parts and labor, our guarantee is still pretty good. The MSRP discount already features the full sale price that includes warranties here.

Buy Aveo Transmissions Here

Your sticker price will be give to you once you initiate a price quote. You can do this on your smartphone or on your standard computer. Take the time to choose the correct manufacturer year while browsing in our inventory finder. This will help us prepare all of the data accurately.

You can place a call to our company to finish the processing of your used transmission order. All of our staff are educated people with decades of factory parts experience. We do things like double check your car model and even arrange a faster shipping method. Call right now and we can send out your order today.