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Chevy Cavalier Z24 Engine for Sale

Z24 trim Cavalier cars used I4 and I6 engine blocks when for sale at Chevy. The first phase of domestic manufacturing commenced in 1989. Changes to the platform included an improvement over the base level motor package. Apart from the interior options, drivers appreciated the performance of the Z class. A replacement Chevy Cavalier Z24 engine for sale is part of the inventory supplied on this website.

Specs for the Cavalier Engines

The 2.2 liter was the first improvement in a range of Chevy cars. The naturally turbocharged block supplied an awful lot of power in the small I4 frame. It was not until the mid 1990s when GM added to the excitement and created the 2.4 four-cylinder.

For a couple of model years, a 3.1 liter V6 was available. Since this edition gave more power with a loss in fuel economy, the verdict was in with consumers who appreciated the smaller blocks instead.

MSRP can be higher or lower based on the model year for supplemental parts. Every dealer has an initial price tag that may or may not change. Powertrain Guys puts its faith into growing junk yards as the best secondary resource for used Cavalier motors.

Pressure testing of seals, valves and gaskets is the only documented way to be sure that nothing bad is present inside of a Z24 engine block. The extra proof comes by way of a warranty package that shipped along with any ordered stock that originates from this website.

Salvage Chevy I4 Blocks

Good things are available with a little bit of research. Keeping the mileage count low is one way to get a lot of dependable years out of the typical car motor. Regular oil changes mixed in with a mechanic review from time to time are always required. The recycling procedure that involves removing and packaging car parts is detailed.

PTG has already confirmed that the inventory specified on this page works with the regular automatic and manual transmissions used in the Chevrolet Cavalier. A last-minute cross reference on the VIN information can further determine the compatibility for a car owner.

Used Z24 Motor Prices

One ability that our company has is to shorten the time it takes to correctly tabulate a sticker price for dealer supplied products. In terms of delivering this data, a phone call or digitized quote are both offered. It is never complicated to use our computer system to review what the price is for the I4 or V6 units on hand.

As an added benefit, making a phone call can provide more information. Exact warehouse locations, mileage details or warranty coverage specifications are supplied. The every day low price structure that we provide is much better than being outbid at an automotive auction. Why take the risk? Get an engine for a Z24 Cavalier.