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Chevy Equinox 3.4L Engine for Sale

The Equinox by Chevy used a 3.4L engine starting in 2005. As a carryover from the Pontiac Torrent SUV, the 60-degree block had V6 power. Fans of the mid-size sport utility vehicles know the performance available. The cost to swap out a 6-cylinder is not as high as some people think. You can buy a used LNJ engine for sale right from Powertrain Guys.

Specs for the 3.4L V6

The 3400 engine block is a well-developed build. It had already been established at GM. Where the late model 3.4 differed was its base of manufacturing. Sadly, the Equinox engines were built in China and imported to the USA. This did not sit well with all automobile buyers.

Inside each service manual, the specs of Chevrolet SUVs are published. If someone does not have a manual, learning the ratios for every block helps. A power boost up to 185 horsepower is in the 6-cylinder range. This goes for the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 editions.

The entire displacement is a 204 cubic inch offering. There are trim variations available as Sport and GXP. Both 5-speed and 6-speed transmissions were offered in the Chevrolet versions. The engine has a 3350 cubic centimeter size.

3.4L Equinox Motor Warranties

All stock on this website is sold as used. These are taken out of the finest junk yards nationally. PTG has launched its partner services with these yards in the past couple of years. It is the successful sale and service of preowned inventory that has built this company.

With a high MSRP on a new motor, it costs very little to own a used Equinox V6 engine. Yes, mileage is a little higher on a second hand unit. The way that the builds are handled makes all the difference. Routine oil changes and certified mechanic maintenance improve usability. What is on sale here includes a full parts warranty.

Price to Swap a 3400 Engine

In real time here online, a direct price for inventory is found. It takes a little less than :30 seconds to get a quote. Because each quote is based on a VIN number, no two people will have the same needs. Our team goes to work quickly. We are able to contact our suppliers and receive inventory daily. Our system is always updated.

If someone is looking for a specific Chevy engine, experts can be called by phone. We have a service team in place. This makes calls go smoothly. The chance to ask a question or to chat about the history of Chevrolet cars is available. PowertrainGuys.com is the main source to buy replacement SUV engines on the web.