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Chevy LB9 Engine On Sale

LB9 engines are Generation I blocks used by GM. The 305 CID versions were first built in 1985. One thing people appreciate about these editions were the heads. Built from cast iron, the 081 heads were rated for 195 air intake for base versions. The good news for a vehicle owner is that Chevy LB9 engine builds can be found on sale through this PTG portal online.

LB9 Engine Specs

Only in production until the 1992 year, the 5.0L VIN F blocks are still in demand. These can only be found through secondary market retailers like PowertrainGuys.com. Cars such as the IROC, Z28 and Trans Am each held a variant of the LB9 motor.

There are two forms of compression listed in official GM specs. The first build was 9:3:1 and then 9:5:1 for units built during the 1986 manufacturing year. What the 5.0L V8 is most famous for besides its heads is the TPI or tuned port induction system.

MAF sensors were replaced during the early 1990s with a PCM module for speed control. It can be a bit confusing for someone hoping to find the history of the LB9 motor online. General Motors updated the horsepower in the block no less than four times.

The ranges for horsepower are as follows in the 5.0-liter V8:

190 horsepower
215 horsepower
220 horsepower
230 horsepower

There were automatic and manual gearboxes that were found with the 1980s V8 builds. The 700R4 is one of the most compatible transmissions posted in the official specs.

Problems With Classic Auto Engines

Rust, deterioration and misuse by previous owners are three of the issues that will plague a used car motor buyer in the USA. By being smart, a person can find out the best way to upgrade, swap or install a vintage V8 build without going through a lot of issues. GM bulletins and other data that can be found during a routine search on the Internet can be helpful to identify potential problems.

Buying a Used 5.0L LB9 Motor

The first thing to look at before making any web purchase is the total mileage. Retailers on websites like eBay motors or Craigslist often do not promote the actual block mileage. This can be very misleading. A typical module has more than 75,000 miles on it when it is marketed by a reputable used motor dealer.

Validating what mileage is on the block and if the parts have a warranty is a good practice. PTG works solely with its own national network of builders, salvage yards and other resources. Anything posted for sale on this portal is available to ship. It will take some time to match the VIN in the published database here. The sale pricing is worth the wait.