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Used Chevy LQ9 Engine on Sale

GM used its LQ9 high-output engine block starting in 2002. It was for sale up until the 2007 manufacturing year. It was the big brother to the LQ4 RPO V8. The Vortec platform was growing at this period in time. Adding the VIN N to the lineup was a smart move. Here at Powertrain Guys, you can order a used Chevy LQ9 engine on sale from this page.

Specs of the 6.0 Liter V8

Getting the most power from a performance motor means tweaking the inside. The H.O. 6.0 liter gave consumer what they always wanted. The boost in horsepower is pretty noticeable when compared the regular Vortec 6000 series.

The superior 354 CID lets people know the motor means business. One of the top manufacturing plants in the state of Michigan handled the construction of the LQ9. With its whopping 345 horsepower capacity, there were no limits to on-road use.

Two common gearboxes were placed behind the Vortec 6.0. These editions were the 4L60E and the 4L65E. GM did not mass produce its larger V8 because it was considered a specialty build. It is not as easy to find through motor resellers.

Where to Use the LQ9 Engine

To upgrade from the existing 6000 series, you have to check the VIN number to be sure you can change out the block. There is a weight difference in each variant that might interfere with your installation. Just by going by the model and make of a vehicle will not be enough to help you.

All of the used LP9 engines for sale that PTG has in stock will fit this list of vehicles:


You can be sure that what is displayed here is in stock or on order with our suppliers. It does get hard to find certain parts that are no longer produced nationally. What comes from a reliable junk yard is what we choose to showcase to people here.

Prices for Replacement Vortec Engines

We went ahead and solved the price research problem for the public. Since many companies are afraid to be honest with pricing, we tackled the problem right away. A database that holds all of our Chevrolet based components was built. This system tells us the mileage count, where we acquired the engine and what is the selling price.

Any visitor to this page will get to look at this data. Sticker price automation is the procedure we use. It takes less than a half a minute to go through our computer. What comes out on the other side is a price quote that will never go up or down. Our friendly customers in Canada and in the United States may use this to coordinate their research. Calling into our staff by way of a landline or mobile phone is accepted.