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Used Chevy Traverse 3.6 Engine

The 3.6-liter engine inside the Chevy Traverse has been part of the transverse mounted designs since the year 2009 at GM. The market for selling crossover SUVs has been improved through better performance of motor blocks. The 4-door SUV platform holds the 6-cylinder blocks perfectly and this a big part of the GMT561 design. A person ready to buy a used Chevy Traverse 3.6 engine can use this Powertrain Guys website online.

Blocks for the Traverse hold the LLT RPO code. This designates the American built units. There is a slight difference in the direct injection versions. A single exhaust or a dual exhaust block exists. The major differences stems from the horsepower. An increase of 7 horsepower is found in the dual exhaust compatible builds. The base performance for the 3.6L is 281 horsepower.

LLT V6 Chevy Motor Facts

The 3.6 block is a new part of the High Feature family of General Motors. The 24-valve design works well with the aluminum build. Both sequential fuel injection and DI technologies have been used in the HFV6 brand. Someone on the hunt to buy an LLT engine for sale should have variety when it comes to retailer inventory. One good thing about using this website is that no RPO codes are needed to begin a search for prices.

Cadillac, Holden and Opel are all brands that have popularized the DOHC edition of the Alloytec 6-cylinder edition. With support for standard fuel and E85, performance is one factor that causes people to appreciate what the 3.6L Transverse engine offers. When a person goes to conduct price research for an LLT V6 swap, he or she can use the PowertrainGuys.com website to find what the range of pricing is for the U.S. market.

Because there are several different models of the V6 block, a person can rely on model years to find a match for a motor in stock. The 2009, 2010 and 2012 series are among those that are popular. What is marketed on sale at this website is compatible with the 6T75 6-speed gearbox. Tests have been performed to ensure that no person will have difficulty when swapping out a Transverse used engine.

Buy Used V6 3.6-Liter Transverse Blocks

When a person experiences lockup, seizing or other problems with a 3.6L build, the first instinct is to think that the block is defective. While there are several parts that play key roles, most of the time a manufacturer defect or early breakdown of a component is to blame.

To replace a Chevrolet Transverse engine, it takes knowing where to shop and what type of long-term package is available in terms of a warranty. Shopping on this website will produce sale price information and exact shipping schedules.