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Chrysler 200 2.4L Used Engine

The 200 by Chrysler is a luxury car with a 2.4 liter I4 engine inside. This was used starting in 2011. Each of the trim versions of this vehicle were equipped with the base series four-cylinder. The LX, S and Touring cars are marketed worldwide. Powertrain Guys has a Chrysler 200 2.4 used engine in stock for a sale price.

The Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance aka World engine was the first production of the 2.4. The specs include a higher average in terms of performance. A 173 hp rating is what the World motor provides. The new model is called the Tigershark 2.4. In each unit, there are 144 cubic inches in the block.

You will find compatibility with four-speed and six-speed transmissions. The biggest change from the early model to the late model edition is the variable valve timing. This is a technology that is now used by Fiat-Chrysler in most of its luxury division motors.

The 200 I4: What to Know

PTG is just one American company that has used editions of the Chrysler 200 replacement engines available. We get these from salvage companies and additional distributors. You can look for one with low miles and without a lot of rust on top. The hoses are always checked to validate there are no fluid or air leaks.

You should be weary of a price structure that is too low. Often times dealers will drop the MSRP if the block is in poor shape. What we do is evaluate what consumers can order and then make sure we test and test again the four-cylinder 2.4 series.

Every gasket is looked at more than once. The alternator and water pumps are hard to protect because many of them are already rebuilt on a used motor. These things might be excluded from a protection policy we provide. To be honest the 200 series blocks are reliable and not found to have defects or current recalls.

Prices for Used Chrysler Motors

You can depend on preowned auto parts because they are original. You cannot take a chance on aftermarket or modified components. Any person who uses us as a supplier will get the very best we can deliver. Everyone is entitled to a discount regardless of a commercial or residential mailing address.

Price requests begin on this page using the public locator database we supply. This is the only way to avoid calling us over the phone to get identical data. Try it out with your iOS or Android device. It works pretty good. Never pay more for a used Chrysler 2.4 liter engine without checking our inventory first.