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Chrysler 3.5L Engine for Sale

The 3.5 liter is a Chrysler engine made from 1998 to 2010. It was used in plenty of compact and luxury automobiles. There were a total of 5 option codes produced during the 12-year production schedule. The timing belt driven Chrysler 3.5 engine for sale provided on this website is used. Powertrain Guys always secures the best price on these blocks.

SOHC 3.5 Engine Specs

A common block to find in the Chrysler family is the VIN G 8th digit. This unit has 214 cubic inch displacement. The horsepower did go up and down with each edition. Chrysler often made changes to the combustion and compression. Double checking the vehicle identification number will provide the official power level specs.

The Pentastar motor has now taken the place of the outdated 3.5. While both builds have a V6 size, the components inside are entirely different. The components cannot be swapped and used if someone drops in another version. Only the OEM parts can be applied to fix up a defective 3.5.

Cars Using Chrysler 3.5 Blocks

The entire late model fleet was produced with a 6-cylinder build starting in the late 1990s. The luxury, passenger and sedan division at Chrysler all held a variant of the LH base. The multi-port fuel injection is part of what made the motor popular.

The following automobiles use the 3.5 Chrysler engine:

– Intrepid
– Concorde
– Sebring
– Pacifica
– 300
– Charger
– Avenger
– New Yorker

To swap a block correctly, the old one must be pulled out gracefully. Damage can be done to the wiring or mounts that might make it harder to install a newer version. PowertrainGuys.com even ships its inventory to chosen installers to minimize any type of problems.

Buy Used Chrysler Engines

Are you trying to find a low mileage 3.5? Do you need a better warranty? The protection of our blocks comes from our written policy. For the most general terms, a three-year plan is given at no cost. Things like inspecting and cleaning what is in stock takes place here daily. The approved warranty plans do require a buyer to activate the coverage.

Use the PTG sale price finder we have established online. It is available for any mobile or wire connected Internet user to browse. What is not displayed inside of this tool can be found by calling us by phone. We never take more than 60 seconds to accomplish price comparisons and quotes. As a used Chrysler V6 engine leader, we believe in customer relations.