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Chrysler 8.0L V10 Engine for Sale

Chrysler has built more than one 10-cylinder 8.0L engine. First installed in the Viper, the big V10 model received national attention. When Dodge Ram trucks needed a bigger block, the older Magnum was improved. The traits of the LA base blocks were evident in the early 1990s Mopar engines. Right from this website, a person can order a Chrysler 8.0L V10 engine rebuilt.

Specs of the 8.0-Liter V10

Apart from service bulletins, there is little data available for specs. The original owner’s manual, should someone have one, does inform the public. What is known is that the V10 is a 310 horsepower block. The 1994 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 received this horsepower boost.

8:4:1 compression is what is offered in all builds. VIN W is the most common block to find. The motor is one of the Mopar long block styles. This was the biggest unit manufactured to date. Not every Chrysler auto parts retailer sells the 8.0L size.

No Issues with Chrysler Motors

It does not make sense to compare used and rebuilt. Only the quality of a refurbished block is near OEM. With something used, a lot of issues are usually present. From oil leaking to bent piston rods, it is hard to tell if preowned is worth the investment.

Our specialists know Chrysler products inside and out. The constant disassembly of a motor will teach you a lot. The components warranty supplied at the point of purchase helps out. This is put in place to protect our remanufactured V10 Chrysler engines from damage.

The long block can accept 7 quarts of oil. This is pretty standard for a build larger than a Dodge V8. The OHV models are very similar in construction. Each uses common camshaft sizing. All of these details are preserved during a rebuild by our company.

Price to Swap a Chrysler V10

Calculating how much it costs to replace a Mopar motor is easy here. Through a warehouse lookup tool, we give out discounts. The very price people pay to have a unit shipped is displayed. This automated option is much better than an outdated textual listing of MSRP.

The quote tool is not the only feature we offer. The remanufactured Chrysler motors we sell can be ordered offline. Through a phone system, our experts work with consumers. Direct knowledge of mileage and condition can then be learned. Start saving cash on swaps today.