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Chrysler A470 Transmission for Sale

In the year 1981, Chrysler built its A470 transmission. This unit was sold in a variety of cars until the production ended in 1989. Both vans and K-series cars made use of the 3-speed gearboxes. Based on the TorqueFlite technology, the Chrysler company had a lot of faith in all of its A-series assemblies. Anyone can buy a Chrysler A470 transmission for sale through this website.

Like most of the early 3-speed gearboxes, FWD was standard. There was no support for all-wheel drive like the late model Ultradrive versions. When someone reviews the A470 transmission diagram, a verification of the springs and couplers can be made. Since active production has ceased for 3-speed assemblies, these are a little harder to locate for sale.

Dodge and Chrysler A470 Transmissions

The brand of a vehicle has little to do with the internal parts. Chrysler corporation outsourced its production of components throughout the 1980s. More than one company was tapped to produce the A470 transmission. These were installed in the Executive, Sundance, Voyager, LeBaron, Reliant, Acclaim, Horizon, Daytona, New Yorker and Caravelle.

Most of the technological support was for the 4-cylinder motors that were in use until the year 1989. There were some instances of V6 motors used with the A470 although most builds found come straight out of the smaller class of vehicles. Someone who hopes to explore inventory on sale will most likely find the right match here.

Buy a Used A470 Chrysler 3-Speed

If getting a sale price is important, people will not leave this website unsatisfied. Continued strength in partnerships can only happen if more than one auto industry professional works together. Powertrain Guys retails only the highest of quality gearboxes. There are reconditioned and used versions available of all A470 transmission for sale inventory. This spreads out the stock levels for buyers. The ability to buy an outdated automatic transmission for Chrysler cars or vans is nice.

To start search for something in stock here, there are only two small pieces of user data needed. The warehouse cannot be checked for inventory until a year and a Chrysler car type is known. Even a VIN number is helpful when matching assemblies. Because of the different transmission ID tags, it is crucial to have valid information. A current sale price is always delivered through use of this website. Warranties are included free as well as freight charges.