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Chrysler Sebring 2.5 engine

Sebring cars used the 2.5 engine during the 1995 to 2000 production years at the Chrysler company. This motor block was not an original design and was a Mitsubishi build. The former collaboration known as Diamond Star motors helped the I4 6G73 V6 become a reality in the North American market. Someone hoping to locate inventory and sticker prices for the Chrysler Sebring 2.5 engine is in the right place online.

The two-door body style that Chrysler created for the transverse engine capable vehicles was pioneered by the LeBaron. Because production was stopped in the 1990s for the AA body type, the newer FJ series was used for the Sebring. While there was a convertible model of the Sebring produced after 1996, it did not include the 2.5 as an option.

FWD 2.5 Sebring Motor History

The Galant was one of the first vehicles to pioneer what the 6G73 V6 motors could do in a sedan motor vehicle. With the SOHC design, the fuel economy was generous and the motors were fairly lightweight. There are 24 valves that are featured in the 2.5-liter blocks. The ratio of compression is 9:4:1. The non-altered power level of the Sebring series motors was rated at 161 horsepower.

There were dual trim styles that were used in the coupe version of the Sebring cars. The first series was the LX. The upgrade model was known as the LXi. This was a similar patter compared to the Avenger cars that were released during the same period of time. Regardless of the type of trim, the 2.5 V6 Mitsubishi motor was still used as the primary engine platform.

As with any mass produced motor block, there were some issues that were uncovered as consumers purchased Chrysler vehicles. Even though the motors were Mitsubishi builds, there were reports of oil leaks and EGR valve problems. While these are little issues that were likely fixed with late model builds, a person who will buy a replacement Sebring motor should know this fact.

2.5-Liter V6 Motor with a Warranty

A good way to get the most out of a used condition motor is to buy a block that is protected from failure. This can happen through a retailer offering coverage or by adding a third-party insurer warranty. The Powertrain Guys supply a warranty for all preowned 2.5L V6 motors that are featured on this portal. This takes way the fear of having issues with OEM parts once an installation of a motor is finished.

Buy Chrysler Sebring Engines Used

Getting a better build for a low price is what most people try to do when replacing a car motor. Obtaining a block that has a respected amount of actual mileage based on age is preferred. A way to save money when purchasing a replacement 2.5-liter engine is to access the available inventory on this website. Any person can quickly make a comparison between the retail price and sale prices that are supplied here online.