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Crate Volvo VED12D Diesel Engines for sale

Volvo VED12D Diesel Engines for sale are six cylinder inline heavy duty truck and marine engines. Producing 465 horsepower at 1800 rpms [revolutions per minute]. Generally used as an over the road truck engine, it also has a use in the marine field. Generally we sell them as crate engines.

With very little information available technically speaking, I thought I would present this video, it is interesting. Without actually going to a Volvo truck dealer or speaking with someone who owns a Volvo truck with this engine, I simply have no more information available.

The internet is plastered with the duplicate content from Wikipedia on many of the engines I write about. This one comes up practically blank, other than I know they exist in truck and marine applications.

My best advise and suggestion is to call one of our Volvo engine specialists and tap them for all the information they have. We work together well, the sales people and myself. They can cover my gaps in knowledge and applications, as I will help them as well. I do know that the crate engines are the most popular. Please take some time to call and learn everything you can about which one of our Volvo engines is right for you.