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D16Z6 Transmission On Sale

The D16Z6 VTEC engine used a 5-speed transmission when for sale in Honda vehicles. Both the Civic and Del Sol are two vehicles that relied on manual shift controls. The high performance motors work really well with the non-automatic gearboxes. Someone who plans to swap an assembly can take advantage of the D16Z6 transmission sale that is ongoing here at Powertrain Guys.

S40 Gearboxes in Stock

Honda Motor Company used numbering to help people identify a transmission. In the case of the D16 motor and gearbox combination, it is quite common to find an S40 number on the housing. This nameplate refers to the 1992 to 2000 series builds. The size of the cast iron housing can be large or small.

The variable engine technology found on the 1.6 liter blocks was correctly timed with the range in shift speeds of the D16Z6 transmissions. The Civic is not the only automobile that can accept the manual 5-speed assembly. Checking the VIN data and other part stamps will determine what can be installed.

There are plenty of forums that provide some useful information that can be gathered when researching what units will fit into a certain vehicle type. Assistance at the local level by way of a parts surplus store is hard to find and trust. What someone will find on this website the inventory he or she needs mixed with a little of the history of the S40 Honda transmissions.

Used Honda Transmission Warranties

For the import or domestic versions of the S40 assemblies, a warranty that is meant to offer coverage is supplied. The salvage resellers where PTG finds the stock listed on this page distribute the coverage to buyers. Quality and not mileage is the important thing to takeaway when shopping for a used 6th Generation Civic transmission.

Every plan of protection has its term limitations and parts that are not covered. Speaking in general terms, people are pretty satisfied with what is provided at the point of sale here. Elements that add to the cost of purchasing a replacement gearbox like shipping fees and delivery charges must always be figured into the MSRP. The same is true with the VTEC engine and transmission combo.

Cost to Replace a D16Z6 Transmissions

The 5-speed is a workhorse in terms of longevity and usage. It is for this reason why so many car owners choose to find a salvaged gearbox instead of one that has been remanufactured. The price is generally lower although the quality is about the same. The tallied cost to swap out a non-working unit is kept as low as humanly possible.

Using the PTG quote system here, input the correct production year and trim model for a Honda automobile. Within a few seconds, the exact price that it takes to buy a gearbox will be offered. The phone number we use to connect with the public can then be called and an order will be processed. Our team is here every day of the week to answer questions or address concerns that people have about preowned inventory.