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Dodge 3.6L Pentastar Engine

Dodge V6 enabled vehicles have used the 3.6L Pentastar engine successfully in the U.S. Beginning in 2011, installations where made across many Chrysler produced vehicles with the upgraded 6-cylinder blocks. The immediate improvement to the horsepower and the takeover for the retired 2.7L block was important to vehicle owners. On this Powertrain Guys website, anyone can buy a used Dodge 3.6L Pentastar engine for a good price.

220 CID Chrysler V6 Engine

The use of a dual overhead cam shaft has been a standard at Chrysler for decades. Some of the best Dodge and Jeep motors built have been in the DOHC range. There is a 10:2:1 compression ratio that is found in the 3.6 editions of the Pentastar motor. This higher level is due partly to fuel injection and the improved air flow system.

The rating for horsepower can be different depending on the V6 block overviewed. Because there are so many Dodge brand cars, there are dips and ticks upward in the total power levels. For the base level 3.6, a 275 hp range is achieved. For the Charger and Challenger, a 305 hp level is easily obtained. Most vehicles from Dodge such as the Grand Caravan, Durango, Avenger and Journey have depended on the strength of the Pentastar brand.

Most Dodge vehicles offer the AWD version of the 3.6 block. There are approximately 6 quarts of oil that are needed to refill the oil pan. The RPM limit on most vehicles is about 6400. This corresponds to the 24-valve motor series at Chrysler. While variants can now be found in Ram and Cherokee motor vehicles, the Pentastar is still associated with being a Dodge brand block.

Used Mopar 3.6L Auto Engines

Some tuners and builders of vehicles have come to appreciate what the new class of Dodge motors brings to the table. Because there are performance parts available, modifications can be made using aftermarket components. These performance mods are popular with all Chrysler brands that accept the Pentastar engine block. Using this website to find out the recent history of the 3.6 is just one of the features here. Locating an approximate selling price for a used condition Mopar engine is equally easy.

The 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine is always on sale through this portal. This is possible because of close supplier relationships. There are national junk yards, auto salvage yards and some wrecking yards that are now optimal places to find motors. The Powertrain Guys network includes these companies in the supplier list.

Buy Dodge Pentastar V6 Engines Used

A person only needs to input a vehicle year and Dodge as the brand to find out what a motor really costs here. No haggling is needed for price structures. Every person is presented with the warranty terms at checkout. This lessens confusion should a problem be discovered. All shipments include the freight charges within the continental U.S.