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Dodge Caliber Engine for Sale

The Caliber by Dodge used a 1.8 liter engine in the SE trim. It was for sale from 2007 until 2009 in the U.S. market. It is part of the World Engine platform. Reaching a top speed of 148 horsepower, this four-cylinder is known to be reliable. Thanks to making good deals with suppliers, you can buy a Dodge Caliber engine for sale right from Powertrain Guys.

Specs of the Chrysler 1.8

The camshaft is known as a DOHC. This series of a 4-cylinder motor did a good amount of torque. The cubic inch displacement is approximately 109. This model was selected in certain Dodge vehicles because of its higher displacement. The previous use of Mitsubishi blocks had a much smaller size.

The engine for Dodge Caliber was designed to be a FWD edition. It requires a manual transmission. There were about 500,000 automobiles sold between the SE and SXT trim. It was one of the most popular debuts for a compact vehicle since the Neon. There were versions that were sold in Canada. These styles are also available.

Salvage Caliber Motor Inventory

Since there were so many model produced, the inventory is still pretty strong around the country. While there are thousands of salvage dealers, not all will have the used 1.8 Dodge engines in stock. PTG networks through its interchange system to provide a link for consumers to get stock without delay.

The factory cleaning that automakers perform does not last that long. Once oil splashes on the casing and rust begins to form, discoloration will easily happen to the Caliber motor. Many units on the second hand market have surface corrosion. A thorough shine can remove this and we try to make that happen. Getting a totally clean block is kind of a surprise.

Buy Dodge Caliber Engines

The 1.8-liter and the late model 2.0-liter are represented here. Locate what we are selling by using our proprietary database. Selecting the model and some other data will help calculate the current sale price. Buying a Chrysler motor that still has a warranty is not a rarity. The term of coverage that we provide is suitable for all car owners, vehicle mechanics and body shops.

Consumers shopping here can place a call to us. Let someone who knows everything about the four-cylinder blocks provide assistance. A quick look into our warehouse will provide all the information needed to compare costs or place an order.