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Dodge Caravan Rebuilt Transmission

The Caravan by Dodge can accept a rebuilt automatic transmission. There were seven total assemblies that were installed between 1984 and the present year. The van concept is one that was pioneered by Chrysler to create a dependable vehicle for regular transport. Replacing your defective part with a quality Dodge Caravan rebuilt transmission is a good move. Powertrain Guys can help you find which type you need right from this website.

Caravan Gearbox Types

The first assemblies that were manufactured were three-speed and four-speed. Chrysler carried over its K engine platform into the van series. This meant that the three-door minivans were equipped with a tested and reliable transmission. The Torqueflite and Ultradrive units were the preferred models used throughout the manufacturing of the Caravan series.

From this website, you will be able to locate one or more automatic gearboxes featuring the following:

62TE (Grand Caravan)

The base, EL, ES, LE, EX, Sport, Crew, SXT and other models were constructed. Depending which trim was purchased, the gearbox could be a different model. It was not until the manufacturing of the late model Grand Caravan that the 6-speed was introduced. The process of constructing new and improved vehicles has been a Dodge standard for decades.

Choosing a Reman Build

Once you determine what the gear type is, you would then move on to selecting the condition of a unit. The ones appearing on this PTG website are known as refurbished. These have had an overview, assessment and work completed before listed here for retail sale. Parts that do not meet the high standards for quality were taken out and replaced with a new component.

Quality means very little if a warranty does not back up the long-term consumer usage. Any purchase that comes through this portal direct to partner companies includes protection. It is not standard practice with all sellers to protect parts that are not included in a general policy. The limitations of any coverage is provided upon request.

Replacement Dodge Transmission Prices

The reconditioned units that are selected through this website can be shipped in the U.S. and to Canada. The section begins with a quick search of the available inventory. An engine type and model year match will be completed before any data is displayed to a consumer. PTG welcomes orders from auto repair shops and service centers too. The rebuilt Dodge automatic transmission stock on hand will be displayed at the lowest price available.

A quote is prepared and submitted for each request. The number listed on this page is the main source of contact for customer service inquiries. Speaking with a helpful person is one way to obtain information, and to reduce the risk of error or mistakes when ordering. Let a representative assist you today with locating your reman Caravan transmission assembly.