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Dodge Conquest 2.0L Engine OEM Block

Conquest cars by Dodge used the 2.0L engine primarily between 1984 and 1989. Also known as the Mitsubishi Starion, the Conquest was one of the mid 1980s sports cars produced with high-power I4 motor. While there were different nameplates of the early models, Chrysler marketed the 3-door coupe vehicles with the same motor block. A person can quickly purchase a Dodge Conquest 2.0L engine right from this website.

What made the Dodge Conquest engine so powerful is the use of carburetor and fuel injection systems. Like most auto companies, Chrysler strayed away from using carbureted motors during the late part of the 20th century. This lead to development of the MPFI fuel injection systems that worked well in the 2.2-liter builds. The LE and Technica trim models were produced with the 4G54 block.

Dodge Conquest Engine Specs

The turbo and the MPFI enabled motor blocks were each 114 horsepower. The specs include an 8:8:1 compression system along with the 8-valve SOHC design. Regardless if the Conquest was sold as a Dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler, it carried the G54B edition motor. The ensured that the Dodge Conquest horsepower would not be faulted under a heavy RPM load.

The trim levels like the LE and TSI were all rated at the same level of horsepower. This was true for all 1983 to 1989 editions. A person who undertakes Dodge Conquest engine swaps will find it easy to locate a unit that can be swapped without issues. The standard and wide-bodied vehicles did rely on different gearboxes.

The 4-speed automatic and the 5-speed manual were the most common to find. Even though Chrysler competed for sales with Mitsubishi, the success of the regular and turbocharged vehicles was undeniable. The consumers in the U.S. and Canada who purchased the Conquest were happy until its termination as a nameplate in late 1989.

Buying Dodge Conquest Engines for Sale

The history of the 2.6L engine from Mitsubishi is just one part of the history of Chrysler. Consumers who do plan to make an online or offline purchase of a used automobile engine should have a dedicated retailer to buy from. While this is not always an easy task to complete, prices do change a lot for second hand models. Using this PowertrainGuys.com portal, anyone can submit a request in price for a used 2.6L I4 motor here.