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Dodge Dakota Manual Transmission for Sale

The Dakota pickup truck by Dodge used a manual transmission. It was for sale in the 1991 year for the first time with this type of assembly. Through the years, Chrysler has made a couple of important changes to its engine and gearbox compatibility. All switches have been positive for consumers. Powertrain Guys has by far the cheapest price for a Dodge Dakota manual transmission for sale on the Internet.

Transmissions Used in the Dakota

Truck buyers always had the choice to purchase a vehicle with automatic or standard shift technology. In the case of Dodge, the gearboxes have always been dependable. There is little that can go wrong with a non-electronic assembly. This is why most people like the clutch style versus the fully automatic units in late model pickups.

The following units fit into almost any model year Dakota:

– AX15
– NV3500
– NV1500
– Getrag 238

There are a lot of similarities between Jeep and Dodge trucks. Almost every single engine and gearbox are the very same style. Other than New Venture Gear and Getrag, the AX series were the only off brand in use. Anything listed on this website is in stock and can be ordered directly from this page.

Swapping a Five-Speed Assembly

Before placing a manual transmission in a Dodge Dakota, a quick look at the fluid type will help. Not every person has access to the dealership service manual or Chrysler bulletins. The best fluids are synthetic based. This will not damage the gears inside. If the oil is too thick, grinding and other issues can happen.

The regular, extended or club cab all had the same gearboxes installed or could be upgraded. It is not always cheaper to buy a rebuilt assembly. Most people find that the cost of a preowned version is a better purchase compared with higher rebuilding costs.

Price for a 5-Speed Dakota Transmission

PowertrainGuys.com is not just an information portal. It is a valid retailer website that helps consumers and professional mechanics buy low cost parts. Through salvage yards across North America, the better inventory is removed and available. The procedure for taking out delicate parts is always one thing to consider. Anyone can just rip out the 5-speed and put it up for sale on a website.

Full MSRP plus our trade discount is supplied to every buyer. Being completely fair to all adults is in our selling policy. Each person gets our warranty policy without paying for it. The mileage that was counted on the units is displayed before checkout. Pricing is calculated based on the 5.2L, 3.9L or 3.7L motor. Enter these details to grab your discount. You can call us anytime. Shop here first.