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Dodge Dakota Used Engine Sale

Dakota trucks by Dodge used five engine types when for sale in the U.S. market. The unveiling of the medium-duty pickup truck series in the year 1987 introduce the common K series block. As technology progressed, the size of the motors became bigger and more dependable in terms of torque and power. Buy a Dodge Dakota used engine straight from a respected dealer through this website.

Dakota Engine Block Specs

Anything built prior to 1987 included one or more options for performance. When the allure of the 2.5 liter assemblies wore off, Chrysler commissioned its engineers to come up with a V6 build that could finally take the place of the K platform. Leading up into the early 1990s, the 3.9 liter was selected as the base engine. Some of these vehicles had a manual transmission or an automatic.

The 5.2 liter Magnum is a superior build. As the biggest V8, this edition was also promoted in the Ram and some SUV vehicles. The displacement was high enough to convince skeptical buyers that payload was higher than competitor offerings. By the time the Jeep series was increasing in sales, Dakota trucks were using the 4.7 V8.

Horsepower, according to SAE specs, was not consistent from year to year. While the early units were about 125 horsepower, many were built to offer the 175 hp or up to 225 hp for the Magnum motors and 3.7 liter V6. This variance did not deteriorate the confidence consumers had in the different assemblies.

Second Hand Crate Engines

Dodge is just one brand that has evolved over the course of time. While there will always be kits that can be ordered at put together, the pulling and storage of a low mileage block will always be an art form. A junk yard or other secondary dealer is selected by Powertrain Guys to distribute inventory presented to people shopping here.

It is correct to assume that salvage quality is what to expect. What makes the units in stock different is the cleaning, review and shipping procedures that are enacted. No one can tell what a block really look likes if it is covered in old oil or surface rust. A decent cleaning and overview of component functionality is what the used Dodge crate engines on sale here include.

Prices for Dakota Replacement Motors

A swap is not a swap unless the total price can be validated. Too many people find themselves in a position where freight charges eat away any promoted discounts. Information is collected on this website through a quote system. The right price, shipping details and warranty information is given to interested consumers.

Once a request for price quote has been completed, the phone number to call and place and order or to ask questions is provided. This is just the first step of the procedure to order one of the recycled Dakota truck motors available. People who pay higher prices on eBay or Craigslist will appreciate the lower pricing models found here.