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Used Dodge Dart 2.0 Engine

The Dart by Dodge used a 2.0 liter engine beginning in 2013. This version of a block is called the Tigershark. It is a far cry from the earlier versions Chrysler placed into its luxury motor vehicles. The reception has been well-received by the general public. Powertrain Guys has a used Dodge Dart 2.0 engine in the company inventory for sale.

Specs of the 2.0 Liter

The World engine family is what was selected for the Dart and other cars. Chrysler has coined this block to be called the Tigershark. The base model is equipped for handling 160 horsepower. The small but respected 122 cubic inch displacement is reliable. Fans of the 2.0 displacement will find that the build has not changed much.

An improvement of 6400 RPM with the all-new DOHC edition is what people receive. The compression has been upgraded to a 10:2:1. The Cherokee and Chrysler 200 are additional vehicles where the 2.0 liter Tigershark engine has been installed.

A concept known as zero partial emissions in now found in all I4 variants. This is a new design that is going forward with development. Every one of the preowned units that appear to consumers on this website are original builds.

Reliable Dodge Engine Inventory

The 2.0-liter I4 DOHC engines that we have acquired as used are in stock now. These come out of checked out junk yards that are owned by our partners. The mileage is reviewed by a member of our staff so that we can validate the numbers. Usually the first question that a person asks is related to the total mileage.

What a consumer will locate here is a reliable block. These are tested first before a cleaning regimen is administered. A parts warranty is the next thing that is put into place. Getting the longest use period of a used Dodge Dart engine is our goal.

Buy 2.0 Dodge Dart Engines

You might need the smaller variant or the 2.4 liter size. We have each of these in our current inventory. What you will need to know is what the selling price will be. All price data is customized for each consumer. The delivery address will likely be different. We check to see where we can save a person money.

There is now a quote tool that people utilize for sticker price research here. Do not even think about the MSRP until you know the size of a discount to compare. Our team handles this task on this website. We distribute the customer service number so that people can call PTG and place an order in real time. Before you shop at another resource, take a moment and compare us to other retailers.