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Dodge Daytona 2.5 Engine

The 2.5 by Dodge is an I4 engine located in the Daytona car. It was for sale in 1986 through the 1993 year. The Turbo Z and regular K series blocks are still regarded as being dependable. Even though Chrysler no longer builds these models, there were hundreds of thousands of automobiles sold that carried the motors inside. PTG has a Dodge Daytona 2.5 engine in used condition that can be ordered here online.

Dodge 2.5 Specs

The upgrade to turbocharged technology was welcomed by owners of the Daytona series in the late 1980s. Since the original K platform was rated only for 100 horsepower, it was necessary for performance reasons to make a change. The 2.5 liter turbo Dodge engine was added as an option through most dealerships.

153 CID (cubic inch displacement) is what is located in the four-cylinder units. The process was pretty simple for engineering that allowed Chrysler to mass produce a number of cars that were compatible with the I4 class. The manufacturing including support for three-speed, four-speed and five-speed transmission assemblies.

The compression is 8:9:1 and is considered large. The typical assembly has 5950 RPM in the OEM configuration. All units were SOHC even with the optional turbo installed. Depending on the official year of production, a throttle body or an electronic fuel system was installed. It usually takes around four quarts of oil to properly lubricate the Daytona engine to make sure heat does not destroy the sensitive parts.

Salvage Daytona Motors

Not too many companies offer rebuilt 2.5 blocks in the United States. Most consumers prefer to handle the upgrades themselves. Powertrain Guys is one of the sources that scours the country to find top quality condition parts for discounted sale to consumers. What someone can find and order through this website is guaranteed second hand.

Through a process of elimination, dealers are contacted and inventory is researched. A vehicle owner who cannot locate what is needed by doing their own research can use the features of the computer tools on this page. The private dealer-to-dealer network is opened up to the public to provide a fair way to review pricing and available products.

Prices for 2.5 K Inventory

Someone who wants to know the price of a Dodge Daytona 2.5 engine swap can use PTG to get answers. A friendly group of professionals are available by phone or through contact on this website to give support. The number to call to ask about ordering or the freight process is listed on this site.

The quotation of sticker prices takes place once inside of the automated system we provide. In just a couple of steps, any one with an interest can get a true price for a used Dodge I4 engine online. It is simple and effective to shop for a block that is preowned at any time. The parts warranty and shipping arrangements can always be discussed by telephone before someone tries to order.