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Dodge Dynasty 3.3 l Engine

The Dynasty is a Dodge vehicle that used a 3.3 engine block. People who try to find these builds have to now search junk yards. Production ended on this vehicle in 1993. Chrysler no longer builds the EGA platform motors. Powertrain Guys stocks a used Dodge Dynasty 3.3 l engine as part of the 6-cylinder inventory on sale here.

Specs of the 3.3 Motor

There is no distributor attached to the coils on the 3.3 liter block. There are some turbocharged variants that people promote in their vehicles. These versions were improved and were not stock models. Only 147 horsepower was found inside of the Dynasty cars. The fuel system that was responsible for part of the power was an SFI.

The first block rolled off the assembly line in the year 1989. More than five million assemblies were produced until the 3.3 was replaced with the Penatstar. The C-body chassis vehicles were the prime candidates to benefit from the V6 design. The primary complaint that people have about the EGA block is the plastic manifold cover.

There are 201 cubic inches found in all of the blocks produced. This quite an achievement considering that more powerful 3.5 liter versions were developed around the same time period. People who want to find a salvage Dodge Dynasty car are probably wanting to take the motor out and use it elsewhere.

Warranties for 3.3 V6 Blocks

PTG has a warranty system in place. What does it cover? The general public should know that junk yards are never created equal. Some companies just allow a vehicle to lay and rot in the deteriorating weather conditions. Other yards do their best to protect the parts that can be salvaged. We choose to deal with agencies that provide above average condition Chrysler products.

When you shop with us, you never pay more than you are supposed to pay. We are experts in automotive components and we know the original MSRP. We make our initial contact with yards to inquire about what they have and what the mileage is rated at. Our buyers decide to acquire products and then we supply our warranty protection plan.

Buy Used Dodge Dynasty Engines

Get your hands on a complete engine block in used condition. The V6 or another size is waiting to be shipped from a warehouse in the United States. While we use quotes to generate prices, you are always welcomed to call us. We built our company to showcase our love and appreciate for drivetrain parts.

Upon preparation of the price tag, you will be informed of how the order process works. A customer support staff will handle the steps to process your order. Make contact with us right now and you will know why our reputation is growing. Give us a couple of minutes and we will save you hundreds of dollars.