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Rebuilt Engine for Dodge Grand Caravan

The engine Dodge used in its Grand Caravan can be rebuilt. Sale prices do fluctuate between North American dealers. When some people look for a replacement, not all displacements will be available for purchase. The older Mitsubishi and K Series are the hardest to find. When someone wants a rebuilt engine for a Dodge Grand Caravan, PTG can hook them up with a good price point and fair shipping policy here online.

Dodge Minivan Motors

The 3.3 liter and 3.8 liter are probably the most requested blocks by consumers. The option codes for these builds are EGA and EGH respectively. No two editions were used quite as often as these assemblies were. The reconstruction procedure is not the same between companies though. A reman edition is one that has had its worn parts replaced.

When it comes to a rebuilt Dodge engine, these are reconstructed from the ground up. The high mileage and failed components are taken off. A procedure to test what is put back on the block is undertaken most of the time. This is one measure that must be enacted in order to validate if a Grand Caravan motor is rebuilt correctly.

Warranty for V6 Blocks

Delicate parts inside of the motor housing are what a rebuild is expected to protect. When the manufacturer coverage has lapsed, there is usually no way to tell how much life is left of a minivan 6 cylinder engine. The best way to get protection is to have a guaranteed warranty plan given at the time order placement is completed.

PowertrainGuys.com uses suppliers across the country that are able to handle consumer returns and service. A quick check of the mileage, noting of the condition and a compression test are just some of the steps that prove how good each unit works.

The actual warranty documentation will specify what is protected and for how long. This is an important concept to grasp. No company is able to provide a policy of protection for components that are no longer being produced.

Grand Caravan Transmission Compatibility

The various gearboxes that have been placed inside of the van series by Chrysler all have different parts. The tuning of gear ratios has a lot to do with what V6 block the units were attached to. Thanks in part to testing and validations, the following automatic transmissions can be used with the blocks on sale here:


Quality Dodge Inventory Here

Prices are quoted through the PTG computer found on this website. In terms of condition, all consumers learn all details about what is provided before an order is processed. Each person has the right to review MSRP as well as any discounts that are provided.

The complete motors in stock are ready to ship to any commercial or residential destination. Phone calls are handled by experienced staff during any regular business day. This website is mobile-friendly and easy to use for all product research.