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Dodge Hemi 426 Crate Engine for Sale

The 426 engine by Dodge is known as the Hemi. In crate form, these are popular to swap. What Powertrain Guys supplies is a fully remanufactured version. These are built by hand. Dodge and other Mopar blocks are always in our warehouse. No one has to argue about performance or quality. Getting the most for your dollar means getting the best price. We sell Dodge Hemi 326 crate engine rebuilds to U.S. and Canadian customers.

V8 OHV Motors

In the 1960s, horsepower meant everything. Many people could only dream about firing up a 7.0L V8. The sound and performance are undeniable in a Hemi. Unless someone has a street version from the 1970s, a crate model is the only one available. Opening up the throttle wide does not result in blowing the block.

There are a ton of conversions people make for the 426. It is not hard to find them installed in a lot of vehicles. A modified Jeep, Charger, Challenger and other high-output automobile holds the Hemi very well. Learning to put together a motor that used to be in poor condition takes effort.

The 5.7L and 6.1L are modern day builds. These still carry the famous name, but are not the originals. The big block performance is only possible in older versions. Our team rebuilds Dodge 7.0L motors daily. These are crated and then stored in our climate controlled facility.

Junk Yard Pull Outs

Acquisition of replacement motors effects the remanufacturing process. Pulls outs from junk yards or dismantlers might be lower quality. These take extra time to refurbish. Kit blocks that are sold as performance editions can be reconditioned with much better parts. Either way, people get what they want here.

How long does a warranty last? The terms are set by the factory parts installed. Removal and re-installation is always supervised. It is imperative that our stock is free of erosion or damage. It is not always possible to have the cleanest motor to work with. It takes a lot of cleaning and sterilizing to get oil off the casing.

Order Crate Dodge Engines

Someone can drop one of our V8 units right into a vehicle. It does not take an entire group of people to complete a swap. A couple of experienced adults can do it quickly. We provide all of the original parts. Testing is part of our sales guarantee. No unit is not tested before a consumer buys one.

Our easy to use price calculator on this page is available 24/7. Input the make and model to see the current price tags. Any extra charges for shipping are always displayed. We have a customer service number for offline contact. This gives a person many ways to get in touch with us. We earn business the old fashioned way.