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Dodge Intrepid Used Engine

Intrepid cars by Dodge used several engine types since 1992. Sale procedures at dealerships included offering more than one trim version and motor package. The heart and soul of the full-size sedan vehicles built near the end of the 20th century was the V6 block. Pay less for a Dodge Intrepid used engine using PTG as your resource in the U.S.

Engine Specs for Intrepid Cars

Chrysler, through its Dodge development, relied upon a total of four main motors to bring reliable performance to the Intrepid. The model found in the base level trim was the 3.3 liter. This edition was also used in minivans. As more vehicles were produced, the bigger 3.5 liter was introduced as an upgrade option.

During the final years of manufacturing, decisions were made that affected the future building of regular passenger cars. Problems with the 2.7 block were well-documented, and this caused Dodge to terminate the nationwide sale of several automobile platforms. Many of the vehicles manufactured used the 42LE automatic transmission.

The R/T, SE, SXT and ES each accept one or more variants of the V6 block. While horsepower is one thing people appreciate, some of the long-term problems with oil sludge, leaking gaskets and timing chain issues were too much for the typical consumer to go through. In any case, a used Dodge Intrepid engine found here is still a good investment.

OEM Warranty for Parts

Ordering a product that is preowned is a little scary. Most people are not engineers and have no way of knowing what is going on inside the motor interior. High usage, driver abuse and poor oil change frequencies are not easy to document. Powertrain Guys uses its resources to find the very best inventory that a person can order.

The partners in the company database are junk yards and pull-a-part types of companies. Reliance on good decision making and evaluation procedures by qualified people is what actually separates good engines from bad ones. An included warranty package covers nearly all components originally installed in a Dodge factory.

There are exclusions to every policy though. Every dealer has a specific section that details what is not covered and why. The truth is that there are many good condition motor vehicles that for some reason are traded in or parted out. This is where the majority of retailed products come from.

Dodge Engine Prices

Locating a discount is not the easiest thing to do elsewhere on the Internet. Someone who is tired of paying the full MSRP will appreciate what is available here. Using the internal computer system, a quote is prepared and distributed here at PTG. No one has to get to know the sales and order department personnel first. All initial requests completed electronically.

Once the price is squared away, consumers will be able to place an immediate order by calling the service department. Things such as mileage, shipping fees and other finer details can be discussed. Getting the opportunity to save some cash is not something that happens every day. Get an engine for a Dodge Intrepid here online.